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A water cooler is a dispenser that is connected to power and has different chambers for hot and cold water. Its main purpose is to provide pure and hygienic drinking water either at home or at the workplace. water coolers are made for convenience, you don’t have to boil water to make coffee as well as cool water for cold beverages, therefore, giving you instant access – no more crowding your fridges and waiting for hot water kettles thus waste of energy, time and power.

They bring a great solution for those who prefer bottled water over taped water because they don’t need to purchase bottles of water every other day you only need a tumbler or a clean water bottle. This encourages us to stay hydrated because water is within our reach and we can always buy a brand that we prefer.

We have three types of water coolers: top load, bottom load, and countertop models, for each model they vary in size, features, and capacity.

Top load water coolers are the cheapest and most convenient because they rely on the force of gravity and power to function. At the bottom of the dispenser, we have a storage compartment for the simple ones and an ice maker for the fancier ones. They are best for public places.

The bottom load is convenient because there is no heavy lifting of bottles, you only shift the water bottle into the compartment below. They have an added pumping mechanism. It is suitable for homes or people who cannot do the heavy lifting.

The countertop is a scaled-down version of a top-load water cooler.  they come with inline filters but have to be near the point of use water sources.

We have several water coolers that you make consider to suit your needs.

Avalon bottom loading water cooler

Avalon bottom loading water coolerThe Avalon bottom loading is a great product for its functionality.it provides great features such as its a bottom load easing the burden of lifting. It has 3 temperatures hot, room temperatures, and icy cold. The hot water reserve can hold 1.16 liters at a temperature of 185 Fahrenheit while the cold-water reserve holds 3.6 liters at a temp of 47 Fahrenheit. It also comes with a self-cleaning function that you are expected to do every week to keep up hygiene. Lastly, it holds a capacity of 5 gallons of water.


  • Has a great price.
  • It’s a bottom load.
  • Provides 3 temperatures and a nozzle for each.
  • Child lock for hot water setting.
  • Night light available.
  • Sleek design, available in black and silver.
  • Empty bottle indicator


  • Has limited water bottle size.
  • Self-cleaning is not automated.


Avalon top-load water cooler

Avalon top-load water coolerThe Avalon top-loaded cooler has two water spouts that are hot and cold. By this, you can choose between hot and cold water depending on what refreshment you want this saves you plenty of time for heating or waiting for water to cool in the common freezers.it comes with a child lock especially for hot water to avoid burns and spills.it has a sleek design and is also slim that ensuring it fits in small spaces. It holds 3to 5 gallons of water.


  • Simple design.
  • Good price.
  • 2 temperatures and 2 nozzles.
  • Safety child lock.
  • No noise
  • Top loaded machines are hard to load.
  • 2 temperature settings.


Brio Limited Edition Top Loading Water Cooler

Brio Limited Edition Top Loading Water CoolerThe brio limited edition top loading water cooler is among the best top loading water system. It allows you to know when the water is running low. It’s stylish and innovative in that it has a sleek stainless-steel cabinet for storage and it is slim to fit in any area in the house or in the office.it holds 3-5 gallons of water bottles.it creates a tight seal to avoid spills and contamination of the water supply. most importantly it has 3 temperatures (hot, room temperature, and cold) and an outlet for each and comes with a nightlight. not forgetting the power consumption, the brio water cooler is energy star certified meaning it conserves energy.


  • It has three temperatures
  • It comes with a sleek style
  • Nightlight available
  • Holds up to 5 gallons
  • Child lock available
  • Can fit in small spaces
  • Top loading makes it difficult to load bottles


Avalon self-cleaning water cooler

Avalon self-cleaning water coolerThis is a premium brand that is also a bottom-loading cooler, it eliminates the strain of lifting, and eliminates spills when loading its bottle. Avalon self-cleaning water cooler comes with three temperatures (hot, cool, and cold). Our night lights are inbuilt so you can clearly see at night and also has an indicator when the bottle is empty.it holds 3-5 gallons of water bottle that are fitted at the bottom. The self-cleaning function is the catch in this water cooler because it’s one of a kind and it is very affordable this keeps the water clean and saves you the energy to keep cleaning the cooler weekly.


  • Bottom load
  • Has a child lock
  • Has night lights
  • Has 3 temperatures (cold, warm, and hot)
  • Self-cleaning function
  • It’s a bit expensive
  • Comes with more function than you may require


COSTWAY Water Cooler Dispenser with Built-In Ice Maker

COSTWAY Water Cooler Dispenser with Built-In Ice MakerCost way water cooler is one of those coolers that come with an extra feature of an inbuilt ice maker which makes it cooler than the rest making it a catch in the market.it comes with a full range of temperatures (hot, room temperature, and cold) and three different push-button faucets.it also has a nightlight for night visibility or to know whether it is powered or making ice. The availability of a child lock especially for hot water is a good feature especially when one has children. This will prevent burns and spills thus worry-free.


  • It has an inbuilt ice maker with a capacity of 4lb
  • It has a beautiful design.
  • It comes with a control panel.
  • Three temperature settings.


  • It is pricy.
  • It is a bit bulky.


Frigidaire Top-Loading Dispense

Frigidaire Top-Loading DispenseFrigidaire top loading dispenser/cooler is one of the brands that have been in the market long enough therefore it is trusted. it is a top load and has a basic two-temperature function (hot and cold). It is good for beginners since it does not have any complications when using it. It is made from plastic and stainless steel making it sleek and appealing .it has a capacity of 3-5 gallons of the water bottle.it has a removable drip tray thus easy cleaning for proper hygiene. Night light indicators are also available for guiding whether you are using hot or cold-water faucets.


  • It is a Trusted brand.
  • It is very simple and basic for first-time users.
  • Comes with Levelling legs.
  • Removable drip tray


  • Only 2 temperature settings


Brio Self-Cleaning Dispenser

Brio Self-Cleaning DispenserThis is another favorite brand in the market and has unique features that make it stand out among many brands.

First, we have its temperature. unlike many machines, brio’s self-cleaning water cooler is built-in that it can help you choose or set temperatures from 37-174 degrees Fahrenheit and you can rely on a constant water temperature.

It is also a self-cleaning water cleaner.it makes it really simple because it’s a button away because you just press the self-cleaning ozone at least once a week.


  • You can set the temperature that you prefer.
  • It comes with a sleek steel design both in black and grey colors.
  • Its bottom-loaded.
  • Self-cleaning ozone system.


  • It is quite pricy.
  • It can be tedious to set up


Igloo top-loading Water Cooler

Igloo top-loading Water CoolerThis is a top-loading design of a water cooler which is an easy feature and most common and allows water to run using the force of gravity.it has a capacity of up to 5 gallons of water bottles. when using this dispenser, you have a choice of using very cold water or hot steaming water which is constant that is if it has a power supply.it is a free-standing design and still very sleek it can fit in small spaces which makes it perfect for homes and offices. It’s also ideal for areas with children .


  • It is relatively cheap.
  • It is a basic, functional design.
  • It is still a traditional all-white design.
  • Easy push buttons.
  • Removable drip tray.


  • It lacks most modern design features.
  • Only 2 temperature settings.
  • Its traditional all white design.


How to choose a water cooler

1.       Capacity

This is a major factor when choosing a water cooler because it depends on the amount of water needed in a day for your family or at the office or the number of people that need to access the water. For large organizations require commercial water purifiers for the purpose of an adequate supply of water without having to refill every other time this creates great convenience.

2. power consumption

All the water coolers use power, they all have different capabilities depending on the models. you should check the thermostat setting to determine its power-saving capabilities. You will realize the cooler the water the more power it is going to consume depending on the consumption. You may also want to know about the compressor used in the cooler so to determine its cooling ability.


Size is also a major factor when it comes to the purchase of a water cooler because this will be determined by the number of consumers for large, the dimension therefore the space designated for it to fit around your house or at the office.

4. safety

Safety is a measure that should be considered anytime reason been when you have young children or in areas with young children, it should have a child lock to avoid burns because they also have a hot water function. The child lock will also help avoid spills around the area that can cause accidents and you avoid having to keep drying them. This helps to also save water

5. Ease to clean

When looking for a water cooler, be sure to check the draining mechanisms and cleaning purposes. The water cooler should be easy to disassemble for cleaning purposes. This ensures safe and hygienic drinking water and also functions properly.

6. Ease to use and maintain

The space between the drip tray and the water outlet is spaced so you can fill water bottles and longer glasses. The nozzles should also fit the mouth of bottles. The drip tray should be easily removed for cleaning convenience therefore, a proper drainage system ensues you keep the area around the cooler dry and avoid accidents

7. Budget

When buying a water cooler, it should be within the budget. The Top load is the most affordable followed by the bottom load. the coolers that use filtration are the most expensive because of the use of the purification technology and have to be changed from time to time.

8. Type of water cooler

We have mainly the top load, bottom load, and the bottles coolers. It is easy to choose when you have already identified your need and purpose. The number of users and the ages will help you choose depending on the capacity, size, and features.

9. Temperatures

When purchasing a water cooler, check whether it has the temperatures that you require whether hot water for coffee, room temperature, or ice-cold water, some come with an icemaker. In addition, check whether you can change temperatures depending on the weather conditions


In the above review, we have seen you have many reasons why you should be buying a water cooler soon or change from buying small bottled water at home or at the office, it’s cost-efficient; it saves you turns of money because you don’t have to buy small bottles but water filters save you even more.it is very convenient because you will always have cold room temperature and hot water at any given time. It is environmentally friendly because large water jars are sometimes reused or the filtration used almost no bottles therefore not burdening the environment.

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