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Taking shower under a shower with a high pressure is relaxing as you’ll can testify to that. Showerheads may look the same but actually differ in many things. The type of showerheads to find in the five star hotels and in our homes are very different and at some point one may desire to get that high-pressure showerhead so as to have a relaxing time during their shower time. If you are thinking of changing your showerhead into a high-pressure one then I will take you through some of them to help you get better understand and to also ensure you make the best choice of the showerhead that will suit you.

How to choose the best showerhead for my bathroom

There are five main factors to consider when choosing for a showerhead:

  • Type- One must be able to decide on which one to choose between the fixed and handheld or even a combination of the two.
  • Mount- showerheads can be mounted either on the walls or the ceilings. You must decide on where to mount your showerhead depending on your bathroom size and layout.
  • Wall mounted showerhead- It is adjusted at the wall and may have a spray pattern which comes in a standard size.
  • Handheld showerhead- It connects from the water pipe through a flexible short hose. It is suitable for bathing young children, dogs and in kitchen sinks. Once a handheld showerhead and a wall showerhead are paired it is referred to as a dual showerhead
  • Three way showerhead- It includes the fixed and handheld showerhead which allows the user to choose from either or use both of them at the same time.
  • Spray pattern- Showerheads have different spray patterns. Here are some with many spray patterns like inform of rain, gentle mist, powerful mist and jet.
  • Flowrate- If your source of water has limited supply water even when you change your showerhead nothing will change in terms of pressure. The source of water from the must have plenty of water in order to facilitate he high-pressure in your showerhead.
  • Ease of installation- It is now easier to install a showerhead without requiring any assistance from skilled personnel unless the showerhead has other things which require fixing and repair.
  • Hose length– If one specializes in the handheld showerhead then the length of the hose must be put into consideration.
  • Maintenance and durability– To provide a long-lasting service to your showerhead, you should regularly clean it to wipe off any dirt that might have accumulated in the showerhead.
  • Material- Showerheads made of metal will tend to last longer compared to ones made of plastic since plastic may be affected by the fluctuating temperature changes or an accident casing a crack or a fracture which cannot be fixed



  1. Sparkpod Showerhead

Sparkpod shower head is designed to be fixed at the wall with its wide flat bottom. It is designed also to create a high pressure like a stormy rain. It is also accompanied by a restrictor that allows reduction in the intensity whenever you find it excess for you.

It’s unique in that it does not require a long hose to connect water to the center of the bathroom since the water under high pressure easily reaches. It is easy to maintain since the nozzles are easy to clean. It does not accompany a handheld showerhead like others do.

On the favor of the user, it is easy to install since all it requires is in the tool box hence relieving one the burden to hire a skilled professional.

Sparkpod is made up of ABS plastic hence can’t easily break or even be affected by the water directly. It cannot clog the showerhead. As we all know, plastic is lighter than some of the metals hence it is easily moveable at any angle depending on the users best position. The showerhead is fixed at a position that any person regardless of what their height is can comfortably take a shower.

It can output over 1.8 gallons of water per minute. If mathematically calculated that is a high amount to ensure high pressure in the showerhead.


  • It is easy to clean the nozzles hence easier maintenance.
  • The angle is movable and can be adjusted anytime when one is uncomfortable with a certain angle.
  • There is no need for installation cost.
  • The water pressure is always high eliminating the low pressure of water.
  • It is cheap to purchase.


  • t has a smaller showerhead compared to other showerheads.
  • It does not accompany a handheld showerhead.
  • Plastic is prone to breakage if mishandled.
  • A very low pressure in the water can’t satisfy the production of water at a high pressure.


  1. Newentor High-Pressure Showerhead

It is designed to be fitted at the ceiling. It has a square head that has silicone nozzles arranged in a regular pattern within the showerhead which eases the cleaning of the dirt that builds up hence preventing clogging of the showerhead. It mostly fitted in big restaurants, in homes, schools and some hospitals. The nozzle sprays can actually multitask into: mist, mist+rain, rain, massage or massage +mist which guarantee you a refreshing shower.

Their showerheads are removable and electroplates to prevent to corrosion. They are committed to a low-carbon life.

The angle is easily adjustable with the help of a stretchable stainless steel hose.


  • It is easy to install and maintain.
  • It has a flexible hose that facilitates its turning to a particular angle.
  • It looks luxurious.
  • It is easy to clean
  • It has multifunctional spray nozzles.


  • It is expensive compared to other showerheads


  1. Kohler Forte Showerhead

Kohler Forte showerhead is designed to be mounted on the wall at an angle. It is also accompanied by a regular pattern of spray that eject water at a very high pressure. The sprays can provide a full coverage, pulsation and massage experience depending on your spray engine.

The showerhead is either accompanied by a handheld or a showerhead. It has resistance against corrosion and tarnishing.

It does not require a skilled professional to install.


  • It is easy to clean
  • It has a lower warranty of a year.
  • Outputs water at a high pressure.


  • It is relatively expensive to purchase.


  1. Hopopro Showerhead

The hopopro showerhead is a well-known showerhead for its unique 360o degrees design that enables it to be mounted on the wall at an angle. The rotation ensures that you turn the showerhead to that comfortable position you want the spraying water to hit you at.

In addition to that it has 5 unique spray patterns that are adjustable differently. The spray pattern can either be the misty, rain, mist and rain, massage and massage and rain.

The Hopopro shower head is made of ABS chrome that makes it lighter so that it does not break due to overweight. It is also plated to prevent rusting on exposure of the showerhead in oxygen after a shower. From the chemistry we’ve learnt, when water containing oxygen reacts with an iron metal causes the metal to rust. The plating also makes it durable since rusting will not occur.

The hopopro showerhead is easy to install and does not require anything beyond fixing.


  • It has a unique 360o
  • It has 5 spar patterns.
  • It is easy to install.
  • It is lighter compared to the other showerheads.


  • If the nozzle sprays malfunction it will then require hiring a skilled personnel to check through.


  1. Meon N207CO

The Meon Showerhead is designed to either be mounted on the wall or on the ceiling. It has a total of six medium sized nozzles that enhances the water turns to mist. The nozzles are adjustable to whatever strength you prefer in your shower. Everyone would really enjoy a relaxing misty shower that eliminates all dead skin accumulated in the pores causing fatigue. To eliminate the cost of visiting a spa for a relieving misty shower, it is actually cheaper to install the Meon Showerhead for regularly taking a misty shower.

To maintain the temperature of the mist, the water is ejected at a faster rate. Mist is lighter than a droplet of water so f a minimum temperature is not maintained then it will not offer a hot misty condition for your shower.


  • Unlike other showerheads it can either be mounted on the ceiling or on the wall depending on your preference.
  • The diameter of the showerhead is big to ensure water flows under a large area.
  • The nozzle spray is adjustable.


  • Meon’s price is quite elevated from the other showerheads due to the fact that it can either be mounted on the wall or the ceiling.
  • The materials used in the nozzle spray and the entire showerhead feel like plastic which discourages people to buy it thinking that it’s actually plastic.


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