Newborn Baby Needs Checklist

Every first-time mom has wondered what Baby Essentials she needs, the items you should buy now before the baby comes. Most people will mostly go for fancy clothes, shoes, and toys, but there’s more to that, and we will be more than glad to break it down for you. 

Boy or girl, these items are a must-have to every mom-to-be. Save yourself the hustle and maintain an easy transition all through. So, what do you need to have on your baby shopping list?

Newborn Baby Needs Checklist

Here are our top list of baby items that you are looking for.

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Baby crib

Baby cribBaby cribs come at the top of every parent list, and you can prepare this as early as four months prior. Buying this show preparation and lay grounds for your baby’s nursery.

Choose a baby crib that considers the comfort of your baby and security, peace of mind, all in a class package. Choose a baby crib that allows your baby growth as well, and that will serve you for a while before you go back hunting for another baby crib.



Crib mattress

Crib mattressInvest in a good crib mattress since your baby will likely use it for years, even though toddlerhood. I suggest you get a waterproof mattress for the inevitable messes, as well as at least two fitted crib sheets to cycle through.





Before you potty train your baby, you have to get into the diaper system. There has been a broad discussion globally on the kind of baby diapers to use. 

This is, however, variable on your geographical location and the specifications you are looking for. However, for a quality diaper, you should go for one that fits right, does not leak, and has a high absorption rate. 

This allows your baby’s sensitive skin to stay protected at all times and prevents burns and rashes. You can accompany this with other accessories such as baby powder to ease the process.



Baby bottles or breast pump

Baby bottles or breast pump

Milk is a newborn’s only meal, and given that babies can have quite an unpredictable feeding habit, it is only reasonable that you have baby bottles with you. 

Baby bottles are transparent bottles that have measurement markings on them and have ‘nipples’ to give the baby the same experience as when suckling from the mother’s breast.

On the other hand, a breast pump is a mechanical device that allows lactating women to extract milk from their breasts and into the baby bottle. 

This, in turn, allows your partner to help you feed the baby while you are away or taking some rest. The simple reasoning behind this is that it gives your baby quality milk and not sachet milk that does not have the same composition as mother’s milk.



Baby Monitor

Baby MonitorMany moms have found it indispensable, especially if they like to check on the baby without potentially waking him up (darn those creaking doors!). A baby monitor also makes it easier to nap when the baby naps, so you don’t feel compelled to run in each time the baby so much as whimpers.

And if you have a big house, a baby monitor allows you to do other things farther away from the baby. You’ll be able to check on him even if you’re not in the next room.




SwaddlesSwaddles will help your baby feel nice and snug, just like he was used to when he was in your womb. I’m a fan of pre-made swaddles that you simply Velcro or zip in place instead of creating one from a blanket.



Darkening curtains

Darkening curtainsHelp your baby fall and stay asleep easier with darkening curtains*. These will help block out the sunlight that might prevent him from sleeping longer.




TowelsBaby skin is susceptible, and now and then, it is essential to inspect your baby’s skin to avoid missing any signs of an infection. Doctors worldwide have said that among the susceptible things in your baby’s health are their personal effects such as soap, bathing cloth, and towel.
Having twins should not be a reason for them to share towels. Get towels that can dry the water from your baby’s skin without having to apply so much pressure. Also, go for a towel that not only removes the water but also does not leave moisture on your baby’s skin.
Grab a couple of towels for your baby and change them regularly. Allows for the towel to get some fresh air and dry before using it again.





Even though children spend most of their time asleep, they also spend a substantial amount of their time awake. This is the part that worries many parents since as the baby is awake, they will need to either see someone around or be engaged in something. 

Parents try as much as they can but trust me, there is a better way to doing this. Swings have long been an absolute savior to many parents as they keep the baby ‘rocking’ to and fro, and when the rhythm gets sweet, the baby will sleep peacefully.



Diaper bag

Diaper bagA diaper bag is one of the essentials of a mother. This is as important as a handbag is to any lady. A diaper bag is used to carry baby supplies and accessories that they may need whenever you are out of the house.
It is designed so that it has mini pockets on the inside that allow it to accommodate more supplies in a more organized manner. Given that some of these supplies may spill, they help keep them stable; this way, you can walk, jog or even take a trip and be sure that they are all intact.



Baby wrap/ carrier

Baby wrap/ carrierYou want to get your baby to sleep quickly, get one of these. The baby wrap allows you to carry your baby either on your back or on your front, and you can walk around, sing to them or have them with you as you handle some other tasks. The baby wrap leaves your hands free for you to do something else.




PacifierBeing a mother does not mean that you have to hold your baby the whole time. However, you need to keep your baby engaged and as comfortable as possible to avoid them from getting bored and crying.
The pacifier does precisely this. A pacifier is a nipple-like rubber with a holder on the back end that your baby sucks as they please.
A pacifier will help the baby self-soothe themselves back to sleep or to relax. You could be hitting two birds with one stone.



Receiving blankets

Receiving blanketsEven with a pre-made swaddle, you’ll still want to have a few different receiving blankets on hand. You can use them as a nursing cover, drape over the stroller, as extra padding to lay your baby on the floor, and so much more. I suggest you get both lights- and heavy-weight blankets for different purposes, grabbing at least two of each.




SleepsackAs functional as baby blankets may be, one thing you can’t use them for is to help the baby sleep. Instead, use a sleep sack to keep your baby warm and safe as he sleeps.



Nursing tops and bras

Nursing tops and brasBreastfeeding moms will need nursing tops and bras for convenient feeding sessions. Grab several varieties of each, as you’ll likely live in these for the first few months.
You can easily layer other clothes over nursing tops, and nursing bras allow you to wear “regular” clothes while still having easy access to nurses.



Car seat and stroller system

Car seat and stroller systemGet a stroller that allows you to place an infant car seat easily into it. Once your baby outgrows the car seat, he/she can then sit directly into the stroller upright.

Final Thoughts

Having a baby needs you to be prepared not only emotionally and financially but also for being equipped with relevant stuff. Take time and invest in sourcing for the best for your baby.
But with this breakdown, you can be sure not to miss any essential items. After all, I do believe in getting things right and getting the best out of everything.

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