Miku Baby Breathing Monitor

Baby breathing monitors have revolutionized over time and some have stayed in the field enough to pass the test of time by evolving while some have joined the race with big concepts. Miku is a brand that has survived time and has revolutionized the market in a great way.

Talk of baby monitors and they think of how to give you peace of mind while at the same time assure you of the safety and wellbeing of your baby all at once which is why they have come up with an amazing baby breathing monitor that allows not only audio but also visual access to your baby from afar. Now, this is something worth your time, money, and trust.

They have a highly advanced Sensor fusion technology to track your baby’s sound, breathing, and sleep patterns and it even gets better since they use not wires nor does it involve any wearable. The connection is fed into a real-time feed to your phone giving out HD video and audio on your precious angel. It will only be fair to say that they use quite a genius artificial intelligence. This has for sure caught your attention and gotten you asking some questions, well, let me cut to the chase and break it down in a way that will help you make a conclusive decision.

Miku Baby Breathing MonitorMiku Baby Breathing Monitor Features

Video Camera

Miku baby breathing monitors come with a video camera that gets mounted above your baby to give you a good view of all that is going on with your baby. It is however placed not too far to capture even the breathing patterns as well. The video camera is set to give a real-time feed of whatever is happening and streams in high definition on both audio and visual.

The clarity, in this case, is out of the question as they have made sure that you have world-class experience as a parent. The deal even gets better since it gets fitted with night vision capabilities and can see even in the dark. This means that you don’t have to go high on your electricity budget as you try to complement the baby monitor. It has a genius AI system that captures, interprets, and relays the information for you.

Two-way communication channel

It is good to know and see what is happening with your baby but it is even better when you can converse with your baby. Now Miku gives you the liberty to not only play lullabies to your angel but also to talk to them and hear from their side as well.

It supports a two ways talk backchannel that can relay sound from either side and has HD speakers that are big on clarity. Miku app is also loaded with music that will ease your work by way far. The two-way channel works wonders especially when your baby’s nursery is distant from your location, you could converse before reaching. A study has shown that this creates and strengthens bonds between child and parent

Works both online and offline.

The Internet is good but it should never be a barrier between you and your baby. If your location is low on the internet, MIKU has ensured that they maintain the connection between you and your baby without compromising on anything. It has a high processor that makes sure that the feed sent in real-time and not delayed at all.

Mobile connection.

Mobile phones have become a daily part of our lives now and it’s hardly an hour before you check out your phone. Knowing that you are close to your phone, MIKU has loaded an application that gives you access to the live feed provided as well as statistics provided in terms of movement, breathing, temperature and sleep patterns as well.

Now, this should be able to help you cool your nerves about how safe your child is. Even though some baby’s need more attention, MIKU has got you covered. You can monitor this on their application that is very easy to use and has a user-friendly interface that allows almost anyone to use the application. It is relatively fast to keep up with ongoing events. It also keeps a record of all that it evaluates as it may come in handy during a visit to the doctor.

Capture moments.

Given that the MIKU baby movement monitor gives you both audio and visual access you are well placed to take pictures and record clips. You should not miss important moments such as your baby’s first word or their happy moments. It captures this info and stores it ready to get extracted. I also tend to believe that this could as well act as a security feature in which you can monitor all that happens in your little angel’s nursery. MIKU gives you unlimited allowance to capture moments.

Real-time breathing.

Given that you have your baby’s safety is of most importance, mike has made sure that they capitalize on not only precision but also in quality. Having a real-time representation of your baby’s health is one of the things that would give any parent satisfaction in knowing that the baby is safe. Miku has mastered the art of giving you an experience you cannot compare to any other when it comes to baby monitors.

With a very high processor and high definition representation, you can be sure of not only your baby’s safety but also not miss any milestones in their lives. Miku has proven over and over again that a baby is indeed a blessing that should not take away your peace of mind nor stress you out. They are however still working on more new features that will make parenting easier than ever before. Every parent should have MIKU as their baby breathing monitor, after all, I do believe in having the best the market would offer.

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