How do you mount your baby monitor

Parents equate the beloved baby monitor with peace-of-mind because seeing is believing, and baby monitors provide us that luxury. Thankfully, gone are the days of having to gingerly creak open the nursery door for a covert peek while risking waking your baby. The latest high-tech baby monitors are now priced for the masses resulting in millions of families buying one, two, or even three baby monitors to help parents add another level of protection for their little ones. However, some parents are missing vital information to use the baby monitor safely.

We’ve put together some tips to help educate you on where to position baby monitor and the proper installation of your baby monitor so you can enjoy precious peace of mind.

Where to put Baby Monitor in Nursery

For safety reasons relating to baby monitor EMF radiation, you need to ensure that the baby monitor gets positioned at least 3 feet away from the baby. You can choose to set the camera anywhere in the nursery as long as the camera viewing angle covers the entire crib.

Baby Monitor crib Attachment

If you are using a baby monitor with a camera and night vision feature, you need to check your baby monitor’s night vision range. If the night vision range is 15 ft., you should make sure you don’t position your baby monitor more than 15 feet away from the baby’s crib.

You also need to make sure that the camera’s microphone is not situated too far from the baby because you should be able to hear any sound from your baby.

How do you hide baby cords?

You should make sure of one last thing to hide the cords so your baby is not at risk of strangulation. Many parents find DIY methods to hide cords, but you can explore Simple Cord Cable Concealer products. 

You’ll get 150-inch long cable covers along with elbow joints to create the angles. The covers get secured to the wall with adhesive tape and screws. This solution will conceal the loose cables and blend easily in your decor. If you want, you can even paint over to match the color of your walls.

Locations to Put Baby Monitor?

Most baby monitors come with mounting instructions that will guide you to position the camera in the crib. But you can always get creative and mount on:


You can mount your baby monitor on the vertical wall, or you can design a shelf attached to the wall with a flat surface. Doing a proper baby monitor wall mount will provide you with an accurate bird-eye view of the baby’s crib and possibly the whole nursery. Your wall is the most secure place to mount your baby monitor as it will be out of the baby’s reach.

You can do this using either:

Crib Mount

Your crib is the second place you can place your baby monitor. Attach the baby monitor to the crib. Note: Unless your camera is wireless and emits zero or very low electromagnetic radiation, this mounting method is not preferred or recommended.

Ceiling Mount

Few baby monitors can get installed on the ceiling. While placing your baby monitor on the ceiling may not be familiar, if your baby’s nursery seems squeezed, this is a great option. You can install your baby monitor on the ceiling using any baby monitor ceiling mount.

Corner Mount

Corner shelf with cable management: The VuSee corner shield has a universal fit and can hold any baby monitor camera. It works with most baby monitors. Like the other baby monitor shelf, the VuSee doesn’t require to get fixed permanently, has it uses a 3M Command strip to hold firmly on the room wall. But, if you want to make it extra secure, you can add screws and anchors.

Things to Consider Before Mounting Baby Monitor

When planning for your nursery, there are two essential elements to think about before you choose the best placement for your video baby monitor in the room:

  • Health and safety
  • Proper viewing angle

Baby monitors, radio video cameras, in particular, need placement of at least 6 feet or 1.8 meters away from your child. This is the minimum safety distance recommended to limit exposure to electromagnetic radiation.

Research on digital cordless baby monitors shows that monitors placed less than 3.2 feet or 1 meter away from a baby’s crib emit almost the same radiation level as a cell phone tower 500 feet or 150 meters away.

Baby Monitor Clips

If you like the portability of a baby monitor clip without the long flexible arm, the following options are for you. You’ll still be able to get the best view of your baby by clipping your monitor to a shelf.

  • Universal clip

This clip is all-stainless-steel made with a 360-degree rotation adjustment to get the perfect angle for your camera monitor. Can grab to the camera base of a 2-inch to 4-inch wide monitor. It’s also compatible with monitors that have a 0.25-inch threaded mount.

  • Infant optics DXR-8 crib clip

This crib clip is adjustable and can grab any surfaces. Silicon pads are used to prevent scratches on your furniture. This clip is very convenient because of its portability.

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