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When you live in a dry region, keeping cool can be challenging, and standard AC units may not cut it. The best evaporative cooler can solve that crisis as it does something an air conditioner can’t and is considerably cheaper to run.

If you’ve found yourself reading our guide, you’re planning on buying an evaporative cooler. Also known as swamp coolers, these machines lower temperatures by pulling in warm air and moisturizing it.

As air is pulled into the unit, it passes across pads soaked with water, which cools it before it’s blown back out by a fan.

This can drop the temperature in a room considerably depending on the size of the system and a few other essential factors.

What is Evaporative Cooler

An evaporative air cooler (also swamp cooler, desert cooler, and wet air cooler) is a device that cools air through the evaporation of water. Today’s evaporative air coolers come in three general designs: portable cooler, window cooler, industrial cooler. They can use about one-quarter as much energy as air conditioners and cost half the price.

Advantages of Evaporative air cooler

  • Less investment, excellent performance: For the same area, the cost for choosing an evaporative air cooler is less than a central air conditioner by 3/5.
  • Less consumption, one hour only need 1 degree: For the same area, evaporative air cooler power consumption is one eight less than the central air conditioner.
  • Stable performance and reliable quality, Big airflow, and long-distance air supply
  • Remarkable cooling effect: In the southern region, the units can reduce the temperature by 4-10 degrees; in the hot, dry area, it can even reach 15 degrees.
  • Good air quality: Evaporative air coolers have a stable performance in saving energy, lowing temperature, and eliminating dust and smell. They can also increase the oxygen levels to improve work efficiency. Natural air supply pr post air supply to choose.
  • Adjust humidity: The swamp cooler unit can adjust the humidity of the workplace.
  • Easy-Maintenance: Air coolers are extremely popular for their efficiency, simplicity, affordability, and low maintenance. Most of the maintenance jobs are DIY.

Evaporative Cooler Best

In this guide, we cover all the different types of Evaporative Cooler, their pros and cons, and what you should consider before buying. Let’s find out which one is the best room portable air cooler for you.


FRIGIDAIRE Indoor and Outdoor Evaporative Cooler

FRIGIDAIRE Indoor and Outdoor Evaporative CoolerIt’s an ideal air cooler to pick if you are looking forward to using it both indoors and outdoors. With its powerful 1650CFM airflow, it’ll do a pretty decent job in both areas.

The tank capacity of 10.6 gallons is pretty good as it will last for a whole night and provide you with a good and cold sleeping experience.

According to your likings, you can choose between 3 fan speed modes and have a personalized experience.

For consistent cooling, it boasts three eco-friendly high moisture cooling pads, which will not face any wear and tear any time soon.

It does get a wide-oscillation feature that allows it to cool any-size room in a matter of a few minutes. The build quality and design are pretty good as well, and the caster wheels are highly useful in moving this large-sized air cooler.

That said, the dimensions of this cooler measure around 20.5 x 29.7 x 44.3 inches, so you need to ensure your room has space for this much space to use this air cooler.

Although the overall cooler is quite good, you can get it fixed for free under the 1-year warranty period in case of any issues.


  • 6 Gallons tank capacity
  • Triple-sided cooling pads
  • 220 Watts Power Consumption
  • 1650CFM airflow


  • It can be used outdoors
  • Easily replaceable cooling pads
  • Portable Design


  • Slightly Expensive



Honeywell CO48PM Evaporative Air

Honeywell CO48PM Evaporative AirHoneywell produces a wide range of home appliances and has also been a top-tier brand in the cooling industry for over a decade now.

The Honeywell CO48PM Evaporative Air Cooler suits this list quite well and has decent specs to compete with other products.

If you live in an area where it’s consistently dry in summers, you should have the CO48PM air cooler in your home.

Although it looks big, it just measures 24.4″ W 14.8″ D 34.8″ H and weighs around 30.9lbs. No matter how heavy it is, the caster wheels will help you move it around easily.

Since it has various fan speed modes, it has a powerful airflow ranging from 1062CFM to 1471CFM, even when the max power consumption is just 150Watts.

This is a perfect air cooler for indoor and outdoor use since it has an effective cooling area of 610sq.ft.

The 10.6-gallon tank capacity is reasonably good for an air cooler of this size. It uses triple-sided honeycomb cooling pads for a pleasant evaporative cooling experience.

On top of that, it has a separate compartment for putting ice. Speaking of its build quality, it’s weatherproof and UV resistant as well.


  • Uses triple-sided honeycomb cooling pads
  • The power consumption is around 150Watts.
  • Has a 10.6-gallon water tank capacity.
  • Offers 1062CFM to 1471CFM airflow with 3-speed modes.


  • Built of weatherproof and UV-resistant material
  • Power consumption is low
  • Ideal for outdoor use also


  • A bit noisy



Evapolar Personal Evaporative Air Cooler

Evapolar Personal Evaporative Air CoolerHave you ever longed for your microclimate or have difficulty getting the right temperature in your work area? Most evaporative coolers are overkill for small spaces, but nobody told Evapolar they had produced a personal cooling system.

Whereas most of our options take up a fair amount of space, you can set this small evaporative cooler on the corner of a desk. It’s only 8″L x 8″H x 10″ D and easy to take on the road at 2 pounds.

Despite its size, it can cool a small area of around 40 sq. ft. and is rated at 50 CFM. It’s the quietest cooler on our list as well at 34 dBA.

The diminutive stature makes it an option for the best portable evaporative cooler, although it comes with a few drawbacks, as you’d expect.

The tank is 750ml, so you’ll need to fill it frequently, depending on your usage. The media is small and not quite up to the standards of larger models but treated with a patented nano-material that prevents bacteria.

Like other evaporators, this one doubles as a humidifier, although that’s not the only thing it can do. This stylish cube has built-in LED lights which you can cycle through on a small LED display.

It’s a feature that helps this cooler set itself apart from other tiny evaporators, and so does the way you power it.

You also won’t need a wall outlet to run this machine, just a USB port which adds to the portability factor.

The Evapolar Personal Evaporative Cooler won’t use juice at 10w, but you’ll need to keep that tiny tank topped off if you plan to use it regularly.

Although it can leak jostled around or not placed on a flat surface, that’s simple to do. The filters are also expensive, but you won’t find another small evaporative cooler this size that works.

More to this, it has plenty of styles. It’s available in a few colors with a 1-year warranty, and there’s a smart version with Alexa compatibility as well.


  • Different cooling speeds: you can adjust the speed at which the cool air blows out.
  • Air filtration: for removing dust, pollen, and other particles from the air that can cause allergies. Some models have a carbon filter that should help with odors.
  • Remote control: allows you to change settings from a distance using a hand-held remote or in a mobile app via wifi.
  • Timer: allows you to set times at which the cooler will turn on and off.


  • 50 CFM
  • LED lighting
  • USB powered
  • Only 2 pounds


  • Filter cost
  • The tank lids



DeLonghi America Portable Evaporative Cooler

DeLonghi America Portable Evaporative CoolerIf you need a cooler for your small bedroom or home office, the DeLonghi EV250WH works great. It’s not very powerful but cools spaces smaller than 250 sq. Ft. quickly and efficiently. It’s also quieter than most evaporative coolers.

The 1.1-gallon tank needs refilling every five or so hours. Unfortunately, there isn’t an option to connect a hose.

The DeLonghi EV250WH includes a washable filter and built-in ionizer to ensure you receive cool and clean air. It also comes with remote control with which you can select different modes, set a timer, and swing the vents.

The control panel on the unit has additional functions, including sleep mode, ionizer, and natural mode.

Another feature we love is the ice pack that’s included with the cooler. Please put it in the freezer and then pop it into the cooler when you need faster cooling.

The DeLonghi EV250WH is compact and easily portable. It has casters that make it easy to move it from room to room.

Don’t attempt to use the DeLonghi EV250WH cooler in a room larger than 250 sq. ft. It’ll be no better than a fan.

We also don’t recommend it for outdoor use unless you place it very close to you.


  • Uses minimal electricity thanks to its simple yet effective operation without any compressor
  • No compressor also means no need for chemical refrigerant found in traditional air conditioners.
  • Improves air quality by naturally humidifying, cleaning, and circulating the air around you


  • Easy to fill
  • Great product


  • A bit heavy



Hessaire MC26A Portable Evaporative Cooler

Hessaire MC26A Portable Evaporative CoolerHessaire has an excellent brand reputation and is well-known for producing excellently engineered evaporative coolers at highly affordable prices. Speaking about the MC26M model we have here, it has a decent airflow of 2,100 cubic feet per minute. That said, the MC26M air cooler is quite suitable to use in larger rooms, as its effective cooling area is mentioned to be 950sq.ft. On paper.

It boasts superior quality Chillcel cooling pads which have incredibly high density and can last for about eight years without any need of replacement.

The tank capacity of this evaporative cooler is about 7.3 gallons which allows it to provide consistent cooling for almost 3 hours continuously. Additionally, there are three different rotary controls (Off, High, Mid, Low), and also an Air Swing Delivery system is also present.

Although the air cooler design might not be too impressive, its build quality will blow your mind. Make sure the room has enough space for this cooler as it’s 32x20x13 inches in size. On the other hand, the weight of this unit is 25 pounds, but you won’t face any struggle moving it around, thanks to the high-quality caster wheels.


  • The power consumption of this air cooler is around 250Watts.
  • Ideal for spaces up to 950sq.ft.
  • Delivers 2100CFM airflow and has three different fan speed modes
  • The tank capacity is 7.3 Gallons.


  • Superior Build Quality
  • Uses a 0.2HP powerful motor
  • Comes with a continuous tank fill feature


  • Max noise of 59dB might feel disturbing.


Buyers Guide for Evaporative Cooler Fan

1.       Cooling Area

Before buying an evaporative cooler, you should always read the cooling area specification written on the model description. This will allow you to know if the cooler you are buying is adequate for your space.

For instance, garages and workshops are considered larger, cooler areas; hence, they need air coolers to meet this need. While smaller or average-sized areas are regarded as low cooling areas.

It’s also important to remember that the cooling area of the swamp cooler you are buying should always be greater than or equal to the area you want to cool.

2.       Cooling Pads

There are two types of cooling pads in the market.

  • Honeycomb cooling pad: They are high density, made of cellulose, and resemble honeycomb in structure. They provide more cooling compared to other types of cooling pads. Honeycomb cooling pads are durable and highly efficient. The downside is that they are expensive.
  • Aspen or wood/wool cooling pads: They resemble grass in structure and provide less cooling. They are affordable but less efficient and durable.

3.       CFM And Square Footage

When considering the best evaporative coolers, there are two dimensions to pay attention to CFM: cubic feet per minute and square footage.

4.       Water Tank Capacity And Indicator

As the size of your cooling area increases, so does your required water tank size. Selecting an evaporative cooler with an adequate tank capacity will prevent you from constantly having to refill the tank. Outdoor swamp coolers usually have garden hose hookup attachments.

The water level indicator notifies you of the amount of water present in the cooler. When it reaches the minimum level, the empty tank will inform you to refill the tank. This feature saves the swamp cooler from getting any damage on running water-free.

5.       Air Swing Delivery System

This feature ensures the reach of air blows by the air cooler in all directions of the space. The swamp cooler comes with an oscillation of 40°, 70°, 120°, and as the degree of oscillation increases, the range of air blown also increases. This is an important feature to consider against the size of your room. As the bigger your space, the higher degree of oscillation you will need.

6.       Speed Control

This feature allows you to control the flow of air you want by increasing or decreasing the fan’s speed. There are three speeds offered: Low, Medium, and High.

7.       Extra Features

  • Timer Function: A timer function allows you to program your swamp cooler for uninterrupted running, and once it reaches the set time, it will automatically go off. Swamp coolers come with a maximum timer function of 7.5 hours or 15 hours. Depending on your needs, you can select what works for you.
  • Wheels at Base: Wheels allow ease of movement. Most evaporative coolers have four caster wheels making them easy to move around your indoor or outdoor space.
  • Remote Control: This can be considered an extra feature but convenient. It allows you to control your evaporative cooler from a distance with the help of a remote.

8.       Power Consumption

When considering buying an evaporative cooler, power consumption should always be top min. Though an evaporative cooler’s initial cost is one-off, the running cost concerning power consumption is a lifetime.

Hence, if you come across an eco-friendly evaporative cooler and consumes less power, that should always be one worth considering. However, this is also dependent on the size of the cooling area.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.       How often do I need to replace the media pads?

Great question, but one that’s difficult to answer. It varies depending on how frequently you use the machine, along with the model and type of media used.

2.       Do you need to leave a door or window open when using an evaporative cooler indoors?

Yes. To get the full effect, you’ll want a fresh supply of air coming into the area you need to be cooled, or humidity will increase.

3.       Are evaporative coolers hard to maintain?

Maintenance is low with these types of machines unless you have a whole-house evaporative cooler. Aside from changing media pads, you will need to drain the tank and clean the reservoir regularly to prevent bacteria.

4.       Are portable evaporative coolers any good?

A Portable Evaporative Cooler can deliver a high level of cooling power in a highly effective way. Interestingly, it also consumes less energy while delivering unmatched cooling power. An Evaporative Cooler is a device that is also referred to by many as a swamp cooler.

5.       How do I choose an evaporative cooler?

When choosing an evaporative cooler, look for the CFM – cubic feet per minute of air delivered to the house.

This will usually be in the range of 3000 to 25000, and depending on your climate, it’ll need to deliver 20 to 40 air changes per hour.

Wrap Up

We hope you have liked this list of the best evaporative air coolers and found it useful to select the best suitable air cooler option for your home.

Almost all the products that we have shortlisted have pretty low power consumption yet provide excellent cooling.

Although we have mentioned all the key features of each product and its pros and cons, you don’t find it challenging to choose one for yourself.

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