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Chirp Wheel Review

Everyday hustle and bustle make it difficult for most people to get some time for hitting the gym, but doing a few yoga poses right in the comfort of your home can be good enough. That is why a quality rolling wheel is an essential part of your workout kit. Today we will review Chirp wheel + initially known as Plexus Wheel+ recommended for back pain issues.

Well, what is The Chirp Wheel+?

This wheel from plexus chirp is a straightforward design; a rigid core made of hard plastic, covered with a 20mm foam pad. The unique design has a canal built into the wheel that is specifically designed to fit around your spine. The channel provides a deep stretch for the muscles around your spine without putting direct pressure on your spine.

More about chirp wheel is that it comes in three different sizes: a small, six-inch diameter wheel, a medium-sized 10-inch diameter version, and a large 12-inch wheel that’s great when you feel the need to stretch your back as much as possible. You can purchase these wheels individually, or in a three-pack.


  • 5 inches wide
  • Weighs 1, 3, or 4 pounds
  • 500-pound capacity
  • Two-layer design
  • Lightly textured rubber tread
  • Injection-molded ABS plastic inner rim
  • Optional carrying case
  • Optional acupressure pillow and mat

Chirp WheelFeatures of Chirp Wheel+

  • The rigid core that will not compress or break down over time
  • Foam padding which provides a soft feel
  • Spinal canal

What is the different between  Chirp Wheel+ and  a Foam Roller?

The Chirp wheel plus and foam rollers share so many things in common. Even though they are different in many respects. Plexus wheel is a form of yoga wheel which has been rebranded and redesigned to effectively target back pain problems.

As compared to foam rollers, the plexus wheel, especially the plus version stands a better chance of relieving your pain because of its design. It is specifically designed to help you stretch your back muscles for relief.

The difference in term of:


The plexus wheel plus is specially designed for people who suffer from a bad back. And this is reflected in its design.

First of all, it is only 5″ wide. And that means that it has been made to provide a complete backstretch for the muscles that matter in both the upper and lower back. This means that it can fit between the shoulder blades to massage and stretch those important muscles in that area.

Foam Rollers, on the other hand, do not follow the 5″ rule: that is, they are not designed to be 5″ wide only. Most of them are wider than this. And as such, it is hard to get a normal foam roller to fit between your shoulder blades to give a more effective and specific massage as the plexus wheel plus


The plexus wheel plus is made to withstand pressure for long. It can take up to 500 lbs. without losing its wonderful shape.

While Many foam rollers are not that durable. Some can lose their shape and foam easily after continuous use.


  • Available in three sizes, or as a three-pack
  • 10-year warranty
  • 100-day trial with free returns
  • Thick, comfortable padding
  • Narrow design for a focused massage
  • The spinal channel in the padding for comfort


  • It may take some time before getting used to if you have not used a wheel before

Things to consider before buying a rolling massage wheel(Chirp Wheel+)


As with any treatment you undergo, safety is vital. Many users from children to the elderly may be able to use such rolling wheels. However, you should ensure that the wheel not only supports you but isn’t at risk of slipping out when you use it.

Quality wheels can give you stability by offering adequate width without being too large.


How much help is a pain relief product if you don’t feel content using it? If you want a proper rolling massage wheel, consider design choices like adequate padding. Thick padding can keep things more comfortable, especially for extended use.


Many rolling massages wheels like the Chirp wheel come in various sizes. Which will work best for you depends on the specific problems you wish to address.

Final Thoughts

If you  appreciate a good massage, a quality rolling wheel is an essential part of your workout kit. Chirp Wheel+ can get used for traction, flexing your spine, hips and shoulder blades to keep your connective tissues supple and your bones properly aligned.

Small-sized wheels may offer deeper tissue massages, whereas larger ones provide more versatility throughout your spine and muscles.

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