Water Softeners
How to Increase Water Pressure on a Well Pump

If you live outside of the city, your water probably comes from a well. If so, there's a good chance you know what it's like to deal with low pressure. The ...

How To Clean Water Softener

Cleaning may not be enjoyable, but it can provide dividends that we don't see without consistently cleaning and doing proper maintenance on our systems. Water ...

How Long Do Water Softeners Last?

There are many factors that contribute to the lifespan of a water softener, which is why it’s important to speak with an expert before making any decisions. ...

What is the best TDS level for Ro-filtered Water?

The confusion over what TDS means is understandable. It stands for total dissolved solids, which are made of dissolved particles and solid materials in water. ...

Best Water Softener

Do you need a water softener? The truth is your water is hard if it contains at least 60mg of dissolved calcium and magnesium. In some places, this number ...

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