Best Showerheads for Apartments

I’m sure that each one of us would be greatly thrilled when their apartments are well known for their good relaxing showers and anyone looking for an apartment is directed there instantly. Every client would want a relaxing shower at the end of a tiresome day’s event. As we all know that a refreshing shower in the morning gives you a bright day ahead.

Showerheads are of many different types, shapes, colours and also the design of mounting. Showerheads can either be mounted on the wall or the ceiling. In either the two it can also be accompanied by a handheld showerhead.

Depending on the material, some are made of the ABS chrome, nickel, plastic or stainless steel. Showerheads shapes may be regular or irregular while others are adjustable to one at a time. Since picking any showerhead at random is not advisable because you have to at least get some idea of the showerhead that will satisfy your requirements. I’ll take you through to help you understand how the showerheads are mad of, their mod of mounting, their spray patterns and their pros and cons.

Here are some of the showerheads with their clear details.

What to consider when choosing:

  1. Flowrate and water pressure

Everyone would want to take a shower with continuous flowing water. The water flowrate required for a showerhead is 2.5 gallons of water per minute or less than that. Showerheads can be with a high or a low pressure.

  1. Hose length and adjustability

A standard hose length would be appropriate to avoid entangling. Showerheads should also be adjustable to give you the best angle for a great shower experience.

  1. Material

Showerheads are mainly made of plastic, brass and stainless steel. Plastic in this case are the best since they cannot rust on exposure to oxygen but ae prone to breakage easily.

  1. Cost-Effectiveness

Showerheads should be easy to install so as to reduce the cost of hiring a plumber. They should also have easy maintenance which makes them durable.

  1. Multi-spray patterns

Showerheads should give a wide variety of sprays to use. Many spray nozzles offer a better showering experience and a refreshing shower.

  1. Ease of cleaning

Showerheads cleaning should be easy and take less time. Some showerhead are made and have a manual guide of the cleaning process which may not favor our clients since the least time possible for cleaning, the better.

Best Showerheads for Apartments

1. Sun Rise Showerhead

Sun Rise Showerhead is a rainfall style. It has a rectangular shaped surface that offers a wide area. It has a regular spray pattern.

It is made of a combination of steel and brass with a solid plating that prevents it from rusting.

The showerhead is mounted on the wall with a combination package that comes with a handheld showerhead that is also mounted on the wall by a steel flexible hose that is of a standard length to ensure your shower is relaxing.

The Sun Rise showerhead comes with a lifetime warranty to ensure that you are always covered.

Sun Rise Showerhead has an elevated price compared to the other showerheads since its features are of quality. When installing you have to hire a professional to install it.


  • The rainfall style in the showerhead offer a relaxing shower experience.
  • The combination of the steel and brass constitutes to the chrome which plates preventing rust.
  • Unlike other showerheads, the Sun Rise showerhead gives a lifetime warranty.


  • Its price is hiked compared to the other showerheads.


  1. Warm Spray Showerhead

It is a high-pressure showerhead that gives an awesome experience when showering. If you prefer a high-pressure showerhead it is the best solution since the sprays are ejected at a high pressure.

It is spherical in shape and has different spray patterns. Its sprays offer different jets: mist, massage, rain, rain and massage. The shower nozzles are easy to clean.

Unlike the Sun Rise showerhead, the Warm Spray showerhead is easy to install and doesn’t require a plumber or any tools since one only fixes by turning the showerhead anticlockwise till it intact.


  • It is a high-pressure showerhead.
  • It is easy to clean and maintain.
  • Due to its high-pressure the spray has a lot of power.
  • Easy to install
  • It is lighter because it’s made of the ABS chrome
  • The angle of the showerhead can be adjusted to whatever angle you prefer.


  • You cannot switch from one spray pattern to another using the showerhead.


  1. DreamSpa Ultra Luxury 9

The Dreamspa showerhead is not actually a dream because it acts as in the spa. It is a high-pressure showerhead that is square shaped with regular patterns of spray nozzles. It has a flat-bottom which makes it easy to clean. It is controlled by a push bottom to change the pressure of the water and also the flow rate of the water. One can easily reach and operate the button without fearing the risk of shock since it is shock-resistant.

It is mounted on the wall at an angle of your preference. It is also has a handheld showerhead that is attached to it. The handheld showerhead is fixed with a flexible brass hose that enables 360 turn to any area.

The showerhead is adjustable to any angle allowing you to change whenever you aren’t comfortable with it.

The showerhead is plated with brass to ensure rusting does not take place. It has a chrome finishing that offers a leak-free connection through the showerhead.


  • It can either be used as an overhead shower or a handheld shower.
  • The handheld showerhead can be replaced at any position in the shower.
  • The handheld can be placed anywhere during the shower.
  • The showerhead can be adjusted to any angle.
  • It has a push button that regulates the shower flow rate.
  • You can operate the push button with one hand even when the shower is running.


  • If the handheld hose breaks it cannot be repaired unless you replace with another one of the same kind and brand.


  1. High Sierra Showerhead

The High Sierra Showerhead is a cylindrical shaped, water saving showerhead. It has a small diameter that allows water streams in the nozzle to collide and form a steamy large stream of water.

It has a low-pressure and doesn’t clog the showerhead. It is also made of metallic components that are durable. They can’t easily break or rust.

The High Sierra showerhead has three flow rates:

  • 5 GPM- It maximizes the water and the level of energy saving.
  • 8 GPM- Water is increased and as a result larger droplets are formed.
  • 0 GPM- More water is produced than in the two and huge, heavy droplets are formed.


  • The nozzle sprays do not clog.
  • The showerhead is easy to install.
  • The spray has satisfying rain droplet that offer a relieving shower.


  • The water from the shower tends to be lode due to the large droplets that flow from the showerhead.


  1. Speakman Icon Low Flow Showerhead

It is cone-shaped and act as a low-pressures showerhead as the name suggests. The flowrate for the showerhead is 2.0 gallons per minute.

It is mounted on the wall and has no handheld showerhead like other showerheads. It has a diameter of4.13 offering a large surface area for a proper shower.

The showerhead is made of brass which plates the metal preventing rusting from occurring.

It has three spray pattern which offer a more relaxing experience. The cleaning process is easy and the maintenance is also easy.

The showerhead is easy to install.

  • PROS:
    • It offers a choice between two flowrates unlike the other showerheads.
    • It is easy to clean the spray nozzles.


    • It may not be durable
    • It does not have a warranty in case of any breakage.


  1. Nosame Showerhead

It is designed to be mounted on the wall. It has three modes of: the rainfall, massage and jetting spray way. The water is dense and fine due to the small nozzles of the showerhead. The small nozzle offer high-pressure during showering.

The showerhead has a protective layer which filters out dirt and excess impurities. It can be used for either washing pets like dogs and cats more so it is best for adults and kids since it filters off impurities that can harm our skin.

It is easy to clean and install hence no need for hiring a plumber.


  • It uses the ABS chrome that prevents rusting from occurring.
  • The water from the nozzles is fine and germs free.
  • Cleaning is enhanced sine the skin is smoothened by the filtered water.
  • It is easy to install and clean.


  • The pressure in the showerhead might be exceedingly a lot.
  • The filtration tube may actually break if mishandled.
  • It is expensive to purchase the showerhead.




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