Best Shower Valves

The shower valve is the component of your shower that controls water temperature, and the slightest movement one way or the other can be the difference between scalding and frigid. If you often struggle to dial in the ideal shower temperature, it might be time to upgrade the hardware behind the wall.

The good news is that there are lots of shower valves on the market. So many that finding the best shower valve can be a challenge. Choosing the wrong valve—or worse, a low-quality product—can lead to leaks or poor fitment. You also want the valve to suit your style and moderate temperature the way you want it to.

The plain truth is that not all manufacturers offer the same kind of quality with their shower valves.

Some are simply shoddy, while others work well for a long time. These shower valves may also have different features that make them stand out. There are even different shower valves, and one may suit your needs better than the others.

Type Of Shower Valve

There are a variety of shower valve types available to consumers today. These include temperature-regulating valves, pressure-balancing valves, thermostatic valves, traditional mixing valves, and transfer valves. Each of these types is described in detail in a section in the latter half of this guide.

  • Temperature Settings

Ideally, your chosen shower valve will include some temperature-based settings. These often include limitations on how hot water can pass through the valve itself. This can help prevent scalding. A thermostatic system can also constitute a temperature control setting, especially when it comes to preventing sudden temperature fluctuations caused by simultaneous cold water demand.

  • Control System

A shower valve control system refers to how the unit manages its several inputs, namely temperature and water pressure. Most units use one control, which regulates hot water, cold water, and pressure, all in the exact mechanism. There are also 2 and 3 control systems that separate these functions. Digital control systems are also becoming more common, especially in residential shower installations.

  • Thermostatic Valves

These valves include separate controls for water volume and temperature. As a result, they can be used to increase volume without increasing pressure. These valves can also cap output water temperatures to prevent scalding.

  • Traditional Mixing Valves

This is a “basic” shower valve for most intents and purposes. As a result, they simply draw in hot and cold water before mixing them in the output phase. As such, they lack the most modern types of temperature and pressure regulation.

What are the Best Shower Faucets

A quick search of shower valves will bring up hundreds of results. We’ve saved you the effort by investigating and comparing what’s on offer. Taking our factors below into account and consumer feedback and industry expert advice, we were able to fine-tune our hot-list.

Let’s get started.


Hansgrohe iBox Universal Leak Preventing Valve

Hansgrohe iBox Universal Leak Preventing ValveThe Hansgrohe excels in flexibility—for use and installation, now and in the future. A rough-in model that works with any Hansgrohe or Axor shower trim, including pressure balance and thermostatic, allows you to maintain and update your shower at any point.

There’s an adjustable depth collar you can tweak to fit most wall thicknesses, and it mounts directly to the wall studs, providing extra strength and stability from a water hammer or multiple showers each day.

This Hansgrohe can supply multiple shower outlets, including a showerhead, tub spout, and a handheld shower wand. Plus, the PVC housing was designed to help reduce in-wall vibrations and noise, allowing for a quiet and relaxing shower.


  • Provides enough water to supply multiple shower outlets, including showerhead, tub spout, hand shower, and body sprays (diverter required for three or more outlets
  • Compatible with a wide variety of shower trims such as Hansgrohe S Thermostatic Trim with volume control.


  • Easy and secure installation
  • Prevents in-wall leaks
  • Reduced noise




Delta Faucet R10000-UNBXHF MultiChoice Universal Shower Valve

elta Faucet R10000-UNBXHF MultiChoice Universal Shower ValveTrust me; it’s hard to pick the top model as there are many quality products on the market. However, reviews on thermostatic units showed us that this is an excellent bang for the buck considering the quality and pack of advanced features it houses. Delta R10000-UNBXHF is a multichoice universal model with well-known MultiChoice quality marks on it.

It is a high-flow valve. It has the HF rough tub port blocking feature. Therefore, you don’t need to get an additional plug. This alone will have it all covered. In addition, it also offers a back-to-back option.

So, how can you test this fixture? Well, the 200 PSI air test or 300 PSI water test should do. During the testing, you don’t have to worry about the heat and pressure effects. Like Delta’s Monitor lineup, this one uses a pressure balance technique for controlling water temperature. The test cap is both pressure and heat-resistant. You can test the fixture before installing the cartridge.

When it comes to the cartridges themselves, this model is compatible with three types of cartridges. These include the single and dual cartridges, as well as the dual thermostatic cartridge. It doesn’t require any change in the plumbing. It is a universal valve that provides easy shower style change.

In addition, the mounting bracket provides an excellent, sturdy installation. Rocking will not happen. There are three different connection types. Namely, those include the universal connection, PEX, and IPS connection type. As this model comes with a square plaster guard, you won’t need extra tools for removal. It can be simply fit into place, including simple 90-degree cuts.

Wait, there are more great features to talk about! Just like the DR10000UNBX model, this one also comes with a limited lifetime warranty from the manufacturer, Delta. It is made in the USA.


  • Valve body only: valve body only, the required cartridge is included with your delta shower trim of choice
  • Complete flexibility: Delta’s multichoice universal valve gives you the flexibility to upgrade your shower trim without altering plumbing. it is compatible with most delta single-function, dual-function, or dual-function thermostatic trim kits
  • Universal connection options: 1/2-inch universal inlets accept 1/2-inch copper, 1/2-inch iron pipe, pex, or cpvc adapters


  • Prevents water temperature fluctuations
  • Universal type supports PEX, IPS, and universal connections
  • Enables easy, solid, and sturdy installation
  • No rocking issues
  • It comes with a square plaster guard


  • The cartridge doesn’t come with the package
  • Not suitable for tubs



Moen 2570 Rough-In Posi-Temp Pressure-Balancing Cycling Shower Valve

Moen 2570 Rough-In Posi-Temp Pressure-Balancing Cycling Shower ValveThis post-temp valve is perfect both for showers and tubs. Also, you can combine it with a transfer valve. In this way, you will get the shower spa with body sprays. Therefore, versatility and multifunctionality are the most vital assets of this product.

We are sure you have faced annoying pressure drops while showering. If you are looking for a solution to this problem, this is the right option to apply.

In addition, this fixture is suitable for different options, including PEX, standard connections, copper, IPS, and CPVC connections.

It also comes with decorative trim. You should set the temperature before placing the trim. In general, the installation of this product is straightforward. You can also change or modify the trim without damaging the valve.

It has a durable brass construction with four ports. It balances the pressure, as already said. In addition, it has a temperature limit setting. This increases your safety. There are also integrated stops and a back-to-back option.

We also recommend it if you don’t want to change the plumbing and repair the fixture. You can think of this valve as a convenient replacement part, too, as it is designed and produced per the ASSE requirements.

What about the warranty? It comes with a warranty that covers leaks, finish defects, as well as drips. It is a limited lifetime warranty by Moen.


  • Very affordable
  • Very easy to install
  • Pressure balancing keeps water pressure consistent
  • Easy to adjust
  • Easy to clean


  • It comes with a warranty against leaks, defects, and drips
  • Easy to install
  • Has four ports
  • Suitable both for showers and tubs


  • It is significantly more expensive than its peers.




DELTA FAUCET R11000-UNWS 524894Here’s our top pick for shower diverter valve: the Delta R11000. It has brass construction and an intelligent solution for leaks. The body is made from a single piece, so you won’t have to worry about valve leaks ever again.

In addition, we liked this Delta model because it is versatile. You can use it with a triple or Hexa option diverter.

When it comes to testing, it is suitable for both air and water tests. For air tests, use the 200 PSI; for water tests, 300 PSI will be ok.

This rough-in model is also suitable for tests before the installation itself. There is a pressure test cap. We liked the fact that you don’t have to modify the plumbing in the wall at all. Install it in the right place, and you’re good to go.

The only drawback is the fact that the trim must be bought separately.

If you are looking for a great diverter model, we strongly recommend this one. You can easily install it. It is suitable for both three and six feature diverters.

You can get it at an affordable price. The only drawback is the fact that you will have to buy the trim separately.


  • Square plaster guard allows for simple 90° cuts and snaps into place
  • Heat-resistant pressure test cap allows for air or water testing before valve cartridge is installed
  • Valve body with stops
  • Easily change the style or function of your shower
  • Backed by Delta Faucet’s Lifetime Limited Warranty


  • It is suitable for three or 6-option diverters
  • This is a single-piece brass build
  • It is a versatile type


  • It doesn’t comply with Proposition 65 on harmful materials
  • The trim doesn’t come with the package



Kohler K-GP77759 Shower Valve

Kohler K-GP77759 Shower ValveKohler products always have the most elegant look. They are known for their sleekness in appearance and also in quality. When this shower valve is installed in your bathroom, a whole range of gorgeous Kohler plumbing fixtures will be available for you to beautify your space.

So, when we say that you will love this fixture, you cannot disagree with us. It comes with the most effortless temperature-sensitive system. When you feed a number to the system, it will always stay constant there.

You won’t have to face any sort of sudden changes in the temperature. The valve system will monitor the temperature and prevent fluctuations.

Also, the kit has everything that you will need to complete the setup. It comes with aerators to keep the water flow out uniformly, a faucet, adapters, and other accessories required to keep the shower running.

The system weighs only about 3.52 ounces and will stick to the walls without weighing down the surrounding plumbing systems.

Another thing is that the system is straightforward. You just have to follow some instructions to set this up all by yourself.

The temperature can be handled quite perfectly by this device, but it takes no control of the water pressure. Therefore, if you are looking for something that can do both for you, this valve is not for you.


  • Capable of controlling water pressure and temperature.
  • It features temperature limit stop technology.
  • It comes with a strong and corrosion-resistant design.
  • It is effortless to install.


  • Can control temperature without fluctuations
  • Compatible with other elegant Kohler faucets
  • It comes with all the attachments required to complete the setup
  • It has a uniform weight that doesn’t pull the plumbing system down


  • The mixture cap in the kit is a bit defective



Brass Shower Arm Diverter Valve 

Brass Shower Arm Diverter Valve Having this beautiful brass valve system will be of a lot of convenience for you when you realize that this allows the water to diverge between a hand shower and a regular shower head.

It can do that by the grace of having one inlet that two different outlets feed. All three of them are of the same measure – G 1//2 inches. This is the universal thickness for fixtures and ensures that they can be threaded into all types of connections and fixtures in different houses.

The other thing that you will be sure to notice is the appearance of the valve. It does not look like any of the other ones we have discussed above. Its body has a sleek and shiny construction, made entirely of solid brass metal. It resists corrosion and any signs of wear and tear.

Due to the brass on the body, this valve has an amazing capability of retaining the temperature at a constant level. It is built very sturdily and won’t wear out with time. Overall, it is a reliable valve that will have your back for many years.

The flow of water will be constant – there is no curbing inside. As a result, the water flows in a steady abundance. You will never have to struggle with the water not rising up to the tap when you have this valve.

So, not only does it keep the temperature fixed, but it also regulates water pressure to enhance the user experience.

This valve will sit on the outside of the wall, and thus it can be used just by turning the handle. There is a lever that has to be turned to convert the water temperature from hot to cold.

Installation is super easy as well. All you need is a swivel nut to get the valve into its place. Then work with it, and you will be done.


  • Made of One-piece brass metal construction body material, high pressure, and high-temperature resistance.
  • This shower diverter is a three-way shower valve, functionally and conveniently.
  • This shower head diverter valve is designed with a metal handle lever to switch water between the handheld shower and fixed spray head smoothly.


  • Very easy to operate
  • Installation is super simple
  • Can divert the flow of water from the showerhead to the tub
  • The whole body is made of brass metal which is resistant to moisture


  • The inner holes are too tiny, and this affects water flow.



Moen 2570 Rough-In Posi-Temp Pressure-Balancing Cycling Shower Valve

Moen 2570 Rough-In Posi-Temp Pressure-Balancing Cycling Shower ValveThis is another shower valve that will help you with nothing but the temperature adjustment. So often, it happens that these valves promise a lot but do the minimal. Not with this one, though.

The company believes in quality over quantity. So, even if there are not many features here, you will still find yourself satisfied with the valve because it’s good at doing what it promises to do.

And what this promise is the most satisfactory showering experience, which it will provide by controlling the temperature of water in the face of the most challenging conditions. Even if it is blazing hot outside, this valve will be able to bring down the temperature of the water and keep you happy.

The power to do this comes from the rock-solid construction of this system. It is entirely made of brass, a mixed metal alloy with all the properties required to give you the most long-lasting and well-functioning machine.

Brass makes this valve wear-resistant, a good conductor, and gives it incredible strength, among other benefits.

Another thing that will make you happy is the flexibility you will have in changing the look of your bathroom. This valve is a four-port system, meaning a diverter, a great adapter, and a connector.

You won’t need to get any extra attachments to have this sit well with your plumbing system. As a result, the installation is easy. You will be able to do it all by yourself. Anytime you want to change the look of your bathroom, you will be able to unthread the faucet and pull a new one into the ½- inch connection port all by yourself.


  • Made of brass – resistant, strong, and durable
  • Has universal connectivity due to the 1/2-inch adapters
  • The 4-port system makes it easy to install and update the fixtures
  • A standard valve system will allow you to install faucets of any style
  • Has the patented Posi-temp feature to keep the temperature constant


  • Very affordable
  • Very easy to install
  • Pressure balancing keeps water pressure consistent
  • Easy to adjust
  • Easy to clean


  • Some claim head doesn’t swivel
  • Fairly basic design
  • Slow to allow water to flow through



Kohler Part GP876851 Shower Valve

Kohler Part GP876851 Shower ValveWhen you have a Kohler product, you will have access to a whole new world of refined products that are all compatible with each other. Changing the fixtures in the bathroom will be effortless work for you, as all Kohler products are very sleek, and there is a wide variety to choose from.

Today, we have a shower valve that upholds its brand name utilizing quality. The kit has two parts in it. One is the cartridge valve, and the other is the cap. The cap is not a regular one made of brass, but it has a unique advanced mechanism that fits flawlessly into any fixture and makes the water flow out in smooth progression.

It is easy to install, easy to work, and it will last you a long time without wearing it out. Then there is the cartridge unit, which allows the water pressure to be maintained. There are four ports in the cycle of this unit, and they will allow you to make transparent junctions into the plumbing system.

This cartridge will balance the temperature, and it will help maintain it at that level no matter how harsh the weather condition is.

One drawback of this system is that it is unfortunately not compatible with all faucets but will only work with two particular models, which are K-11748 and K-304. So, if you do not have these shower trims, this will not be the right suit for your use.

If you do have compatible units, this will last you a long time because it has the most recent temperature-sensitive technology, which allows it to resist the corrosion caused by hard water in the supply.


  • Replacement Rite-Temp pressure-balancing unit cartridge and cap kit
  • Compatible with Kohler shower valves K-304 and K-11748 platforms
  • Resistant to aggressive water conditions providing long-lasting performance


  • Durable, strong, and resistant
  • Maintains steady water pressure
  • Prevents temperature fluctuations
  • Will not be eroded by hard water
  • Has two separate units – cartridge and cap can be disassembled


  • It only works with two particular K-series shower trims.



Delta Faucet Windemere 14 Series Single-Function Shower Handle Valve 

Delta Faucet Windemere 14 Series Single-Function Shower Handle ValveIt’s a valve trim kit only that is compatible with Delta Faucet rough-in valve model R10000-UNBX or R10000-UNBXHF.

The trim kit includes a valve cartridge for balancing the pressure for a consistent shower water temperature. It ensures a perfectly balanced hot and cold water supply with no sudden temperature fluctuation, even if other running water appliances are available.

It’s a one-handled trim kit to adjust the temperature in a manner. The look is attractive with a rustic oil-rubbed bronze finish.

If you already have the required Delta Faucet universal shower valve body, the installation is a breeze. Nonetheless, it may require removing the existing plumbing behind the wall or tile.

The solid brass construction makes the shower trim kit quality and a reliable choice for you. Its stunning look transform your regular shower into a modern and sleek one. We highly recommend this best valve trim kit for a new renovation along with our top choice universal valve body by Delta.


  • Shower Valve is not included
  • Pressure-Balanced Valve Cartridge (included) that controls the temperature.
  • Spray with forceful streams of water that satisfy all showering needs.
  • Easily adjust the water temperature with a single handle control system.


  • Lightweight
  • Ensures the value for your money
  • WaterSense labeled
  • ADA compliant
  • The monitor pressure-balanced valve cartridge is included


  • Does not have multiple spray settings



Iyax P76851 Mixer Cap Shower Valve

Iyax P76851 Mixer Cap Shower ValveThis one is a sound old simple system that does its work well and does not oversell itself with too many features. It has a cartridge unit and a cap adjustment. Just like the one discussed above, this product comes in two separate units. Therefore, it is more convenient to work with.

The cartridge valves will be a fantastic fit for a range of shower trims from different companies. It will be able to handle Kohler and Moen shower trims very well. This mixing cap will keep the water running from hot to cold and vice versa as required.

Temperatures will not fluctuate when this system is installed in your bathroom. One drawback of this is that you cannot control the water pressure, as this is not a 4-port system.

But this is the most straightforward setup, and by far, the best shower control valve in terms of user satisfaction and durability.

Keep in mind that one part will not work without the other, so you have to get the whole set with both the cartridge and the cap.

One stress-relieving aspect of this is that the valves here are made for universal compatibility. All the openings are ½ inches, and they easily fit into the plumbing system of any house.

You won’t even have to call a plumber for this. There are no fancy systems involved here, just mount it up within the wall fittings, and get your valve going.

The lubricant will come inside the kit, but you could purchase more for extra help if required.


  • Includes cartridge and cap for 1/2″ valve
  • Controls pressure and regulates temperature to ensure a gracious shower experience
  • It consists of Replacements for GP500520 and GP77759
  • O-ring, gasket, and lubricant(capsule) included


  • The units are simple to manage and install
  • It comes with the required lubricant and adapters
  • Will manage temperature changes and prevent fluctuations
  • It has universal fittings, which make it compatible with all house plumbing


  • It does not have a pressure adjusting mechanism


Buyers Guide for Best Shower Faucet Systems

Who doesn’t love to have a cold shower after a long working day? But, do you ever know the temperature or pressure control system of your shower? It’s the shower valve that does the job for you.

Without having the best thermostatic mixing valve, it can fluctuate as water comes from different sharing sources. That’s the reason for considering an excellent thermostatic control valve for your shower.

  1. Materials

Always go for a rust-free material to consider a valve. The correct option is to consider the best shower valve brands. Check out the valve construction before installation and ensure a leak-proof material.

  1. Control Levels

Control levels are critical in shower valves because this is what you will use to choose the temperature and the pressure setting of your choice. There are three types of shower valve systems based on these control levels.

  • Single Control: The systems that come with a single control will start with regular temperature water, and then it will either cool down the water or heat it depending on the setting you have fed into the system. Once the desired temperature has been achieved, the system will be done with its work. After that, it will hold on to that level until you turn it off.
  • Double Controls: This is the same as the single control one. But it gives you the option to control the water pressure as well. One control switch is for the temperature adjustment, and the other is for the pressure adjustment.
  • Triple Controls: Now, this one has three controls. One is for the temperature, the second is for the pressure, and the third is for outlet selection. This system has to be used with more fancy trim kits that have multiple outlets.

All the outlets will be connected through this one valve system. And then, you can use the third control to determine the outlet you want the water to come out from.

  1. Installation

It is essential to go for a unit with proper instructions, allowing you to assemble the parts with ease. Apart from this, check for a slip-fit design or any other option that is easy to install without the help of a professional using home tools.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is a Shower Valve?

Shower valves are auxiliary devices for stopping or releasing the flow of fluid in the pipe. Generally, in systems where fluid pressure is essential, if the pressure increases, the safety devices discharge fluid from the system and decrease the pressure or stop fluid communication in an emergency.

  1. What Is The Best Type of Shower Valve?

Delta Faucet may be the best choice in the field of thermostatic shower valves, although the answer varies according to your needs. On the other hand, Moen will be a good choice for the best digital temperature-controlled shower valve.

  1. Are Shower Valves Universal?

In our opinion, shower valves are on the way to become universal. However, if we look at its compatibility today, shower valves may not be universal due to differences in piping systems and the showerhead apparatus of some regions.

Wrap Up

The shower valve is a product you may have difficulty choosing with its extensive product range and various qualities.

While we were setting up the water, we searched for products that you wouldn’t need to perform DJ performance, and apparently, we were able to get your attention with our recommendation for all types of products.

We have created ten options, such as a better budget, more features, and more ease of installation.

We hope that one of our suggestions takes place in your bathroom and can make your shower pleasure fun.

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