Best Mini Projectors


What is the best Mini Portable Projector?

Do you long for a theater experience in your room but a bulky projector is always an issue? there is good news. Projectors have gotten better, and more importantly, smaller. Now, you can find Mini Projectors that are small enough to offer flexibility and provide a clear picture despite their size.

Mini Projectors fits into the palm of your hand, and back of your pocket, without feeling like you are even holding a projector at all. It also has built-in speakers that will be sure to drown out any popcorn crunching or crunching or drink slurping. Additionally, there is also a connection to possibilities that spread across an array of devices.

Pocket projectors give you a ton of adaptability when you need entertainment on the go. They’re brilliant for extemporaneous film evenings, keeping youngsters engaged out and about, or for when you’re tired of gazing at your minuscule tablet screen during a film; no bulkier projector housing with multiple, confusing cables.

Got all that? If that sounds like the kind of convenience and entertainment you’re looking for, then read on for our 6 Best Mini Projectors:

Crosstour Mini Projector

Crosstour Mini ProjectorCrosstour Mini Projector is an innovative cooling system that comes with an advanced noise suppression technology for cutting down the fan noise to an exact half while keeping the device cool even after prolonged usage. The projector can get installed following your preference whether you wish to suspend it from the ceiling or place it directly on the ground.

The HDMI input slot of this multimedia projector aids in establishing hassle-free connectivity with cameras, PS3, television, laptops, etc. Other connectivity options take the shape of TF card, USB, AV input, and VGA input which further adds to its versatility.


  • LED Brightness: 2600 lumens
  • Contrast Ratio: 2000:1
  • Keystone: ±15 degree
  • Lamp Life: 55000 hrs.
  • Native resolution: 800*480p (1080p Supported)
  • Projection Size: 32” – 176” (50 ” – 120 ” recommended)
  • Projection Distance: 3 to 12 ft (3-9 ft recommended)


  • Crosstour P600 projector has 2600 lumens, 2000:1 contrast ratio,1080p resolution supported, 55,000 hours LED lamp life, all bring you a superior watching experience.
  • A customized package for you to carry and store easily.
  • Crosstour home video projector comes with multiple input interfaces, compatible with TV Box, PS3, PS4, PC, tablet, Blu-ray DVD player, USB, iPad, smartphone. It comes with HDMI and AV cable.


  • The quiet fan does not cause any disturbance during audio or video playback.
  • The unit does not get excessively warm even after a long time of use.
  • Radiates pretty good sound from its built-in speakers.
  • Offers a wide spectrum of volume level adjustment.
  • It comes with an AV port for hooking up other speakers.


  • Buttons on the unit might prove out to be a bit difficult to press.
  • Lacks a lens cover and WIFI network port.

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APEMAN 3800L Brightness Projector

APEMAN 3800L Brightness ProjectorAPEMAN LC350 projector offers a unique blend of versatility and aesthetics without burning a hole in your wallet. With a projection size varying between 34″ to 180″ range over a distance of 3-12ft, the APEMAN can take your big screen experience to a completely new level.

You can either mount this projector on the ceiling or place it on an external tripod following your requirements. A loud and clear acoustic effect is a guarantee due to its dual audio speakers which supports wireless connectivity with dongle and WiFi.


The USB port only supports USB flash drive, do not support cord connection and data transfer.


  • Cooling fan does not emit much noise so that you don’t get disturbed midway while watching your favorite shows.
  • In-built speakers radiate crystal-clear audio which does not get distorted even at the highest volume.
  • An ultra-portable projector having a small size can easily fit into the palm of your hand.
  • It can be easily hooked up with headphones or a soundbar for better sound.
  • Comes with a plethora of cables which assists in establishing connectivity with various peripherals


  • Does not support WIFI or Bluetooth.

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RAGU Z498 Mini Projector

RAGU Z498 Mini ProjectorRAGU Z498 Mini Projector is an upgraded LCD technology that lightens up the screen by 85% more than traditional models so that the projected surface does not get dimmed even in the presence of ambient light. It reduces noise by advanced noise suppression technology so that you don’t get distracted while seeing your favorite movies. The color gamut of the RAGU Z400 projector is up to 90% of NTSC compared to its peer projectors.


  • The SRS Sound System of its built-in stereo speakers radiates premium grade sound which retains its clarity both during indoor and outdoor use.
  • Overheating also gets prevented by its dual-fan system which reduces projector noise drastically for allowing users to engage in an immersive audio-visual extravaganza.
  • The projector lamp can operate for 50000 hours which can buffer you from the requirement of frequent lamp replacements which are infamous for adding to your expense and environmental footprint.


  • A contrast ratio of 3000:1 and the latest LED light technology paves the path for crystal clear visuals.
  • The small and compact projector is easy to carry around.
  • Offers multiple input options in the form of USB, HDMI, SD, and VGA slot.
  • Ushers in 85% more brightness in comparison to the ordinary projectors available in the market.
  • The latest cooling system brings down the projector noise by 90% in comparison to the traditional models.


  • Does not support Dolby sound.
  • The cable is not adequately lengthy making it necessary to opt for an extension cord at times.

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 TOPVISION Projector with Synchronize Smart Phone Screen

TOPVISION Projector with Synchronize Smart Phone ScreenThe innovative cooling system of this mini projector assists with effective heat dissipation and reduces the system noise drastically in comparison to other LED models available in the market. The accompanying USB cable helps in connecting the projector with iOS smart devices provided you plug in the USB cable inside its Out 5v port.


  • The impressive image adjustability of this 1080P projector allows in regulating the focus ring or ±15 keystone correction for managing the quality of the image.
  • Download an APP called “EZCast” from the Google market, then open the APP and connect your smartphone to this photo projector.
  • TOPVISION mini projector used the build-in stereo surround speakers
  • In the projector distance is 1.5-5.2 meters, and the projection size can be up to 50-176 inches.


  • It is compatible with smartphones, Amazon Fire TV Stick, tablets, TV, USB sticks laptop, DVD players, and TF cards having a maximum capacity of 32GB.
  • Built-in Hi-Fi speakers pave the path for full-spectrum sound making it the ideal for movie nights with family and at parties.
  • It comes with a remote control so that you can exercise its various attributes without having to get up from the comfortable posture of your couch.
  • Tempered glass lens tag along with greater thermal stability in stark contrast to glass lens


  • The projector does not have a built-in battery making it necessary to hook it up to a power outlet at all times.

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DR. J Professional 4500L Mini Projector

DR. J Professional 4500L Mini ProjectorThis projector prevents the emission of direct light from the lens which can harm the viewers’ eyes. This attribute makes this projector ideal for people who tend to view it for a long time. You can make the most out of video display image and set up the projector at your preferred position coupled with its ±15° Keystone button and adjustable focus wheel


  • You can easily connect TV products by connecting them to our projector using the HDMI disport.
  • By using an HDMI adapter (Example: micro USB/Type C to HDMI adapter), you can connect your smartphone to our projector easily for a large screen view.
  • J video projector built-in with two stereo speakers, you can enjoy the surround sound without going to the cinema.
  • J projector chose five layers well-grinding LCD lens to offer our customers the clearest resolution on every detail.


  • Offers multiple connectivity modes via USB, HDMI, VGA, TF Card, and AV interface.
  • The color contrast of 2000:1 restores the vibrancy of images for taking the cinematic experience to a whole new level.
  • The dual-fan cooling system paves the path for effective heat dispersion and prevents the projector from getting overheated despite using it for long.
  • Fitted with an efficient and innovative cooling system that diminishes system noise so that you can enjoy an immersive audio-visual experience.


  • Does not support Dolby digital sound.

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Sony MP-CD1 Portable Pico

Sony MP-CD1 Portable PicoThis projector is easily portable in a pocket or case and weighs just 0.68 pounds. It features a nice and stringent design due to the smooth black metallic housing.

The model assembly quality is rather high. It goes without any support or mount. But this shortage gets compensated by the trapezoidal distortion auto-correction function so you can adjust projection horizontal no matter how the device gets positioned.

The projector has limitations in terms of external device interconnection. It has HDMI (MHL compatible), USB 2.0, and USB Type-C interfaces. The lack of a memory card slot and Wi-Fi module substantially limits the choice of content sources.


  • You can attach an HDMI dongle to provides wireless connectivity for many laptop computers and smartphones
  • The MP-CD1 features automatic keystone correction.
  • The size of the projected image depends on distance, but even for the maximum size (120 inches) you only need 11.48 feet.
  • The HDMI port on this projector is compatible with standard HDMI/MHL inputs.
  • Wireless connections depend on OS, software, and devices.
  • With Auto Keystone Correction, even when projecting from an angle onto flat surfaces, the image always looks normal.


  • Good design and rugged housing.


  • No memory card slot.

Things to Consider before buying Best Mini Projectors

While the market is full of different brands of Mini Projectors you may need to consider the factors below for best choice and experience.


This highly depends on the lumen i.e. higher lumen delivers brighter images and this s most useful for a business projector


This determines the quality of pictures displayed they range from 320 to 4k. The pictures or videos will appear more crisp and real with a higher resolution.


The whole idea of owning a mini projector is to attain a compact and lightweight form that is easy to carry anywhere with ease. Hence the projector should be portable enough to get placed in a bag or suitcase without taking up too much space or weighing a ton.

Indoor or Outdoor

Outdoor mini projectors require a higher level of the lumen to display clear images. This may require 5500 lumens. Indoor projectors may require 1000 lumens


Not all brands are equal when it comes to manufacturing mini projectors, they differ in durability, build, picture, quality, audio, and design. Our review comprises products from trusted brands that deliver high quality and durable products.

Final Thoughts

The best portable projectors have a battery life of at least three hours, good for a whole movie at full brightness, and the ability to wirelessly connect with smartphones, smart TVs, and other devices. Look for output of at least 100 lumens for mini portable projectors, and a native resolution of at least 720p.

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