Best Cold Weather Rectangular Sleeping Bag

Camping in autumn or spring can make for seriously chilly nights, so when it comes to sleeping in a tent, you’ll need a decent sleeping bag that’s up to the task.

No matter how warm the day is, nights get cold. It’s wise to prepare for severe weather even if it begins a beautiful day.

Whether you are hiking long distances or setting off for a weekend of lakeside camping, a good night’s sleep is essential to keep you active and to move during the day.

There’s no need to suffer through the night in a constricting mummy bag, so options in this category tend to lean more towards a traditional rectangular shape. Several lightweight options also do an excellent job pulling double duty for easy backpacking trips.

Rectangular sleeping bags tend to be slightly bulkier than their mummy-shaped counterparts. However, they are ideal for those who enjoy some extra space during their sleep.

What is the Best Cold Weather Sleeping Bag

In this article, we’ll guide you through the best rectangular sleeping bags available out on the market today, accounting for seasonality, price, and materials. Let’s get started.


Kelty Tru.Comfort Doublewide 20 Degree Sleeping Bag

Kelty Tru.Comfort Doublewide 20 Degree Sleeping BagThere are times when you’re trekking up a mountain during the winter, and it starts to snow, where you begin to realize that you should’ve invested in that sleeping bag that could handle the cold weather like the Kelty Tru Comfort. This bag can keep you warm even when temperatures drop down to 15 degrees F

The bag’s interior is lined with fleece, which gives you the factor of warmth and extreme comfort. The synthetic ‘cloud loft’ insulation combined with a collar at the top to protect from any draft ensures that you’ll be kept warm and cozy no matter the situation.

This sleeping bag has been built to last, with rigid construction that you can rely on, even on the top of a chilly mountain. Included in your purchase is a stuff sack for easy portability.


  • An oversize hood leaves enough room for your favorite pillows from home.
  • Therma insulation and offset quilt construction offer cozy warmth.
  • Comfort-tuck zipper system
  • Thermal-comfort hood and natural fit footbox
  • Integrated media storage pocket
  • Draft tube with anti-snag design behind the zipper
  • Stuff sack included


  • Unique features.
  • Very comfortable.
  • Great temperature rating.
  • Comes in great price.


  • Heavy.



The North Face Eco-Trail Bed

The North Face Eco-Trail BedMummy bags are popular for both camping and backpacking, but rectangular bags are roomier and can offer an even better sleeping experience.

This Sleeping bag is a high-quality bag with a useful 20-degree temperature rating, perfect for 3-season car camping in various conditions. If you give the listed rating a 10-degree buffer or so, you’re looking at comfortable sleeping down to about freezing.

The Eco-Trail Bed also has a premium feel and build along with nifty details like a full-length zipper that opens it up for use as a blanket.

Keep in mind that a rectangular bag is heavier than a mummy for the warmth and doesn’t pack away nearly as small, so the Eco Trail Bed isn’t intended for traveling far from your car or stuffing down into a pack. But we appreciate the option for a comforter-like system, which gives you plenty of room and flexibility depending on the temperature.


  • Brushed polyester headliner provides a softer feel
  • Wraparound footbox zipper lets the bag lie flat
  • 14 in. side zipper at the collar allows you to sit up comfortably
  • Top cinch offers warmth and coziness
  • Internal phone/watch pocket
  • Heritage woven label


  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Packs Small
  • Great price.




Coleman Big & Tall Sleeping Bag

Coleman Big & Tall Sleeping Bag

You can sleep comfortably on Coleman Heritage Big and Tall Sleeping Bag even when it’s 10° F outside. The full-cover construction locks in the heat by eliminating quilting cold spots, making it perfect for extreme weather sleeping.

The bag’s roomier design keeps campers up to 6’7″ warm from top to bottom. The specially-designed, patented zipper system plows fabric away from the zipper to avoid snags.

The Comfort Cuff feature surrounds your face with softness when you sleep, and the Thermolock system reduces heat loss through the zipper. Fiberlock™ construction prevents insulation from shifting, extending the life of your sleeping bag.


  • Large bag.
  • Synthetic insulation.
  • Pleasant flannel liner.
  • Machine washable.
  • It comes at a great price.


  • Great materials.
  • Great size.
  • Incredible price.
  • Machine washing.


  • Bulky.
  • Heavy.
  • No carry bag.



Kelty Galactic Down 30 Sleeping Bag

Kelty Galactic Down 30 Sleeping Bag

Kelty is a brand that never stops surprising with its innovative products. This Galactic 30 Sleeping Bag is an example.

If you’re the type who usually car camps and goes on a couple of light backpacking treks a summer, too, then the Kelty Galactic 30 Sleeping Bag is the perfect option for you.

Eliminating the need for two different bags this summer, it packs up compactly enough to take on weekend forays into the backcountry. Still, it has a roomy rectangular shape and plush to deliver comfort worthy of relaxed car camping trips with friends.

DriDown offers all the ultra-warm, compressible, and featherweight benefits that down is known for, with the addition of a water-resistant treatment that prevents it from losing its lofty insulating powers in damp conditions.

Not only does the rectangular shape offer a spacious feel that you can shift around in, but it also allows you to zip it up to another Galactic bag so you and your sweetheart can cuddle up all night.


  • Down fill.
  • Rectangular bag.
  • 30 Degrees rating.
  • Incredible price.
  • You can zip it with yet another bag.
  • It can be used as a blanket.


  • Comes in great price.
  • Pleasant.
  • Versatile.
  • Packable.
  • Lightweight.


  • Not for freezing weather.



ALPS OutdoorZ Redwood -25 Degree Flannel Sleeping Bag

ALPS OutdoorZ Redwood -25 Degree Flannel Sleeping BagThe Redwood is a “heavy-duty” oversized rectangle bag. The Redwood series use Techloft Insulation. Techloft Insulation consists of multi-hole staple-length micro-denier fibers with a siliconized finish for maximum insulation, loft, and compactness.

The TechLoft insulation will keep you warm and toasty on those colder nights when you’d prefer to have more “wiggle room” than you get with your mummy bag.

It uses 2-layer offset construction to eliminate cold spots. We include three webbing straps with quick-release buckles that keep your “rolled-up bag” secure for transport. Since you have two choices in the amount of fill, you’ll be able to pick the bag that is just right for your needs.


  • Oversized rectangle bag has cotton canvas outer layer, paired with a cozy 100% cotton flannel liner.
  • Two-layer construction eliminates cold spots and traps in maximum heat.
  • Roll-up straps allow you to roll and compress the bag for transportation and storing efficiently.
  • The ALPS OutdoorZ Redwood is on our best sellers list; after one cozy use, you’ll know why


  • Durable design.
  • Insulated.
  • Roomy design.
  • Easy to roll-up.
  • Cotton flannel liner.


  • The heavyweight (11 lbs) and bulkier size are not ideal for backpacking or hiking.



TETON Sports Camper Sleeping Bag

TETON Sports Camper Sleeping BagDo you need a sleeping bag that is warm, soft, and comfortable? The TETON Sports Camper Sleeping Bag has a canvas shell for the most rugged conditions, and the lining is soft to the touch. Filled with innovative fiberfill, it will keep you warm in extreme conditions.

Double-layer construction with offset stitching and full-length zipper draft tube work together to eliminate cold spots. But don’t just take our word for it; read the reviews! The Camper Sleeping Bag is keeping hundreds of campers happy in The Great Outdoors.


  • Heavy-duty canvas shell
  • Double-layer construction
  • Sturdy no-snag two-way zippers with metal pulls
  • Full-length zipper draft tube
  • Rated for freezing temperatures
  • Extra-large sleeping bag
  • Rectangle bag unzips on two sides to create a blanket or connect to a second bag.


  • The seams are offset and ensure an excellent seal to avoid drafts.
  • The carry bag features a compression strap which makes it easy to move the bag around.
  • It provides a comfy place to sleep for one adult.
  • Retains heat well, which makes it great for colder climates


  • It’s difficult to hand wash.
  • Hard to use when hiking as it’s difficult to pack away



Naturehike Ultralight Goose Sleeping Bag.

Naturehike Ultralight Goose Sleeping Bag.

Not only reduce the bulky of your load but the Naturehike 800 Fill Power Sleeping Bag also keeps its weight to nearly nothing. There are two sizes for you to choose from, and the importance of each is from 1.26 to 1.74 pounds.

Yet, it gives a durable and robust feel.

Its construction includes an 800 Fill Power Goose Down liner and a waterproof 15D/400T Nylon outer shell. Zippers are all by YKK.

These materials are easily compressible to an incredible size of 4.5″ x 10″, which can be stored inside a backpack. A big bonus is two sleeping bags can join together as a double one for couples to sleep together.


  • Made with high-quality 15D/400T nylon material, strong, comfortable & waterproof.
  • Design to save space and weight in your backpack.
  • This sleeping bag has two sizes; Regular and Extra large.
  • Naturehike chooses the 800 fill power white goose-down, lightweight but warm enough.


  • The lightest – the weight of from 1.26 to 1.74 pounds
  • Sustainable and durable – waterproof 15D/400T Nylon outer shell & YKK zippers
  • Flexible – two sleeping bags can join together as a double one


  • A bit snug to roll over
  • Zippers are a bit short



Coleman Green Valley Cool Weather Adult Sleeping Bag

Coleman Green Valley Cool Weather Adult Sleeping BagStay warm and comfortable while you sleep with the Brazos Sleeping Bag from Coleman. This cozy sleeping bag will keep you safely warm in temperatures from 20⁰ F to 40⁰ F, guaranteeing that you can be a happy camper no matter what the season.

A polyester cover with soft cotton flannel liner keeps you comfortable and cozy when camping. The patented zipper system avoids snags, while the Fiberlock Construction keeps insulation from shifting, ensuring this sleeping bag will last camping trip after camping trip.


  • Roll Control holds the bag in place for hassle-free rolling.
  • QuickCord fastening system allows for no-tie closure.
  • Coletherm insulation ensures comfort down to 30ºF.
  • FiberLock construction prevents the fill from shifting.


  • Many people have said that it is comfortable and plush.
  • These bags are made with durable material, while hundreds of people have found that they stand the test of time.
  • The 30 degrees Fahrenheit temperature rating has been found as valid. A lot of buyers have agreed that it works incredibly well in cold conditions (30 – 50 degrees F)
  • The cotton lining does NOT make you sweat as the polyester ones do


  • Stuff sack not included
  • Not recommended for backpacking since it’s too heavy and bulky
  • Many people have said that the cotton lining feels more like a reusable shopping bag rather than cotton, however still comfortable.
  • The height rating isn’t the best; anyone over 6 feet can not use it.



REVALCAMP Sleeping Bag

REVALCAMP Sleeping Bag

It stands firmly behind excellent craftsmanship. It’s covered by 100% satisfaction; you can replace or get a full refund if you are not satisfied with the product, with no hassles, delays, and questions asked too.

If you don’t want to invest a lot and you prefer the traditional sleeping bag shape over a mummy-style, better try this one. You can use it during the cub scout campout, where it will go down to 40 degrees. The temperature and texture of the sleeping bag are very comfortable.

It can fold down to make it small and very lightweight. The straps on the outside of the carry bag help make the bag more petite, and you can adjust it to the size and shape you need or want it to be.

Moreover, Revalcamp has created a great product that would match your camping needs. It has an ultra-lightweight design that makes it easy to carry and transport anywhere that avoids fatigue risks.

Also, it weighs 2 pounds to easily fit in any backpack, no need to fold or roll it. The designs provide comfort as it allows for relaxation and coziness while snoozing.


  • Temperature rating: 40°F
  • Dimensions: 30 x 71 inches
  • Outer material: Polyester
  • Lining Material: Polyester
  • Filling: Fiberfill
  • Pack weight: 2 lbs


  • Spacious and comfortable
  • Pack up easily
  • Insulated very well
  • Affordable price


  • Some individuals would like to have a thicker design



Coleman Brazos Cold Weather Sleeping Bag

Coleman Brazos Cold Weather Sleeping BagPrice is a definite concern for many people, as spending more than you have to on proper equipment can be bad for your budget. Often, you might be able to find brands with similar features for a fraction of the cost, depending on what you’re looking for.

The Coleman Brazos Cold-Weather Sleeping Bag isn’t just one of the best budget options we recommend, but it’s great for anyone looking for high-quality outdoor bedding at a lower price point.

Dimensions are 33 x 75 inches and 5.56 pounds, making it sizeable and somewhat light. The fabric is made from polyester and tricot lining, which has the added benefit of being machine washable. Its fiber lock construction helps protect against insulation shifting, which might allow for longevity.

It also has a patented no-snag zipper to help lessen frustrations with unzipping, making it more attractive to any side sleeper who needs more room. The temperature range is 20 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit, making it ideal for cold, calm, and warm weather.


  • Size: 75″ x 33″
  • Coleman Comfort Range: 20° to 40°
  • No snag patented zipper.
  • Roll Control makes rolling easier.
  • No tie patented closure.
  • You can zip two bags together.
  • Machine washable.


  • Machine washable.
  • Comes with a stuff sack for easy packing.
  • Very affordable price tag.
  • Plush material around the edge for comfort.


  • Bulky.
  • It does not work for anyone taller than 5’11”.


Factors to Consider Before Buying Best Cold Weather Rectangular Sleeping Bag

Nowadays, you will find both lightweight goose downs perfect for travel and chunky synthetic sleeping bags widely available for you to purchase.

To know which model meets your requirements the best, you must do your homework and weigh every pro and con before investing in one.

1. Temperature rating

The first thing to consider when buying a sleeping bag is in what conditions you will use it. The temperature rating of a sleeping bag will determine how comfortable you’ll be able to sleep in different temperatures, so it’s an important thing to consider before making your purchase.

Three-season sleeping bags with a rating between 20°F and 32°F are versatile and suited for traveling in spring and autumn, and summer. This sleeping bag category usually offers more features than simple summer bags, such as hoods and draft tubes, to fight the high mountains’ cooler temperatures.

Winter sleeping bags have a rating of less than 20°F and are designed to protect you from the cold in the most frigid environments, including snow.

Because of the added layer of insulation, they tend to be heavier and occupy more space in your backpack. However, if you plan to camp in alpine environments, they are an essential piece of equipment you can’t avoid talking with you.

2. Insulation type

Sleeping bags can be made with synthetic insulation or down insulation. The first category is usually cheaper and offers protection against the cold even when wet since synthetic fibers do not absorb water from either rain or moisture.

Down insulation is made from duck or goose feathers. On top of being lightweight and highly compressible, it offers more effective protection against the cold. The downside of down sleeping bags is that they do not absorb water and tend to cost more than those with synthetic fill.

3. Weight

If you are planning to hike for long distances with all your gear on your shoulders, the sleeping bag’s weight is something that you should check before buying. Ultra-lightweight sleeping bags are designed for thru-hiking and backpacking; however, the convenience of carrying a small amount of weight usually comes at a high price.

Final Thoughts

Our top pick is the ALPS OutdoorZ Redwood Rectangular Sleeping Bag. It will keep you warm in temperatures up to 25 degrees below Fahrenheit.

Best rectangular sleeping bag hiking beds likewise will, in general, be the absolute least expensive hiking beds around. Somewhat bulkier too. Be that as it may, for a great deal of easygoing use, rectangular camping beds are the ‘best arrangement.’ You needn’t bother with a high-elevation mountaineering pack for an end-of-weekday camp at the nearby lake. Happy camping!

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