Best Baby Swing for Colic

Do you have a little one who suffers from colic? If you do, you know how it can impact your day-to-day life and the comfort of your baby. In case you’ve been looking for a solution, you may want to try a baby swing. If you’re looking for the best baby swing for colic, you may want to check out this list we’ve made for you.

A baby swing for colic comes in handy, especially after you’ve tried other means such as caressing, lullabies, and singing, but your baby won’t stop crying. When that occurs, there is a high likelihood that your baby suffers from colic. Consequently, we took the initiative to scour the market to find the best baby swing for colic to calm your baby. Besides, we’ll include a buyer’s guide to help you with your buying decision.

What is Colic?

Colic starts typically between the 3rd and 6th week after birth, it is common to newborns, and according to a study, 40% of all infants suffer from this condition. Colicky babies cry more than usual; it’s frustrating and tiring for parents even to want to jive with the crying for 3 hours or more. It often happens in the evening, hours of crying regularly.

How do you know your baby has colic?

Features of colic may include the following: Intense crying may seem more like screaming or an expression of pain. Crying for no apparent reason, unlike calling to express hunger or the need for a diaper change. Extreme fussiness even after crying has diminished.

How to Pick the Best Baby Swing for Colic

  • Age and Weight of the baby: You should know first the support capacity of a baby swing to ensure that your babies will be safe and secure when on a swing. Also, check the product specifications to ensure that the one you are looking at will fit your baby.
  • Type of Baby Swing: With the emergence of technology, many options are now available when it comes to baby swings. It’s not just a typical baby swing any longer because it comes with additional In choosing the best, you need to have first a checklist on what qualities or features would be convenient for you and your baby. Like if you’re an on-the-go mom, of course, look for something portable and easy to carry or if not, go for something bigger, one you could place near a power source.
  • Price and Value: There is a wide range of baby swings available from cheaper to expensive ones, one that stands out the most and a good enough one. Of course, we all want to get what we paid for; it would be a big bonus if we got a cheaper one that provides all you’re looking for in a baby swing. So, make sure to do research and spend your money wisely.

Best Baby Swing for Colic

Well, allow us now to discuss the best baby swing based on factors we will discuss at the end of this post.


Ingenuity DreamComfort InLighten Cradling Swing

Ingenuity DreamComfort InLighten Cradling Swing

If you have been looking for a baby swing that will help your baby get through his or her colic, then you might want to have a look at this product. The Ingenuity Soothing Solution features a compact design, which means that it takes up relatively lesser space than full-sized swings.

The swing could act as a solution to your baby’s colic because it gets designed to feature two recline positions. That notwithstanding, this swing includes an oversized seat to ensure that your baby has adequate room. Moreover, the seat has soft strap covers, a removable infant-support bolster, and a cradling headrest. These features improve your baby’s comfort on the swing.


  • The swing also includes ConnectMe for customizable music, images, and videos to keep your baby relaxed.
  • This swing gets powered by an AC adapter, meaning that you save plenty of money on batteries.
  • Has two recline positions
  • Has an oversized seat to provide adequate room
  • It plays music and displays images and videos
  • Includes light beams
  • Has a compact design

  • Difficult to adjust the straps
  • The assembly process is a bit hectic



Graco Simple Sway Baby Swing

Graco Simple Sway Baby Swing

The Graco Simple Sway Baby Swing is one of the best-seller baby swings available in the market currently. It’s a feature-enriched baby swing that soothes the baby quickly and keeps him relaxed for a while. A baby swing’s essential function is soothing, and the Graco Simple Sway can do it impressively.

It comes with two types of speed vibration settings that can continuously relax your baby. The gentle swaying motions along with the six swing speeds can give your baby a perfect sooth based on his mode. The baby swing also includes five natural sounds along with ten child-friendly songs that can charm your baby quickly.

Apart from providing great relaxation, the baby swing also ensures the safety of your child. Usually, babies try to move when they are left alone, and when you put them in a swing, they may roll down from it and get injured. The Graco Simple Sway Baby Swing comes with a protective five-point harness feature to secure him without hampering her comfort.


  • It comes in a compact design, suitable for small spaces.
  • Both battery and direct AC power supply
  • Easy to operate and assemble.
  • Made out of easy to clean, soft, child-friendly materials.
  • Two types of speed vibration along with six swing speeds.
  • Roomy, secure, and comfortable swing seat.
  • Available at an affordable price.

  • No reliable head support.
  • No bounce capacity.
  • The seat doesn’t recline.



Fisher-Price Sweet Snugapuppy Dreams Cradle ‘n Swing

Fisher-Price Sweet Snugapuppy Dreams Cradle 'n Swing

Are you constantly frustrated by your baby’s colic and have been looking for a solution? Well, you could get this baby swing to help relax your baby. This baby swing has an impressive design, and it features two swing movements. It can go from head to toe or from side to side.

Additionally, it gets fitted with two comfy recline positions that ensure your baby sits comfortably. You also have proper control over this baby swing’s motion. How so? It comes with six swing speeds. Apart from swinging your baby, this swing also helps him or her relax by playing its 16 soothing songs and nature sounds.


  • The Snugapuppy Dreams Cradle and Swing also comes with a button
  • The swing includes a plush seat pad that has a body insert and head support.
  • Includes a comfortable seat pad
  • Convertible to different positions
  • Has multiple swing movements
  • The swing has an adjustable speed
  • Uses both batteries and an AC adapter

  • Does not vibrate
  • Hard to move



4moms rockaRoo Baby Swing

4moms rockaRoo Baby Swing

You might consider getting this swing to relax your colicky baby. The first thing you’ll notice about this swing is its impressive design, which could help boost your baby’s comfort. The walker features a compact design, and it relaxes your baby through its front-to-back gliding motion. The swing gets fitted with five-speed options, which allows you to adjust the swing to suit the motion that best works for your baby.


  • They have designed this swing with an easy to remove, machine-washable seat
  • The swing also includes a three-point harness, which helps to keep your baby securely in position.
  • It uses an AC adapter for power and can withstand a maximum weight limit of up to 25 pounds.
  • The swing also includes reversible, removable toy balls to keep your baby entertained.
  • It has a compact design
  • Has a removable, machine-washable seat fabric
  • Has a sturdy and lightweight construction
  • It comes with five speeds settings

  • Produces an annoying clicking noise when it’s rocked
  • The seat angle isn’t adjustable



Graco Duet Soothe Swing Rocker

Graco Duet Soothe Swing Rocker

Has your baby been crying for hours at night because he or she suffers from colic? Well, you could get a baby swing to help soothe him or her, and you could start with the Duet Soothe Swing Rocker. The swing is made of metal and plastic.

This item doubles up as a swing and rocker, and you can either plug it in or use batteries to operate this swing. When used as a baby swing, it can withstand a maximum weight limit of 30 pounds, but it can withstand a maximum weight limit of 25 pounds when you use it as a rocker.


  • The manufacturer has designed this swing to feature three seating positions
  • The rocker also has a carry handle that allows you to keep your baby by your side.
  • It has a vibration mode
  • Has three sitting positions
  • Features multiple swing speeds
  • Uses batteries or a plug-in power source
  • Doubles up as a rocker

  • Slightly heavy


Factors to Consider Before Buying Best Baby Swing for Colic

Before you head straight out and buy Baby Swing for Colic, there are a few considerations to consider.

Motion Control

One of the best ways to treat colic is through soothing, calming, and repetitive motions. It all revolves around the baby’s comfort, so in choosing a swing, it is better to look for an adjustable speed setting to know which speed will provide him/her with the best comfort.

Power Source

Most baby swings are battery-operated, and sometimes it would even cost you too much on battery. You can opt to choose one that runs on direct AC or better if it runs on both so that you could use it anywhere with or without batteries.

Reclining Seat

Keeping your baby in the correct position is a great help to soothe colic. Just like speed controls, an adjustable reclining seat will help you quickly figure out what position is the most soothing for your baby. It is also recommended to choose one with a removable head and body support for added security so your child can outgrow it.


Comfort is one of the priorities we should look after in choosing the best baby swing for colic. It is essential to make sure that the swing of durable material, especially for its frame, usually it’s better if it has a steel frame with anti-slip feet for added safety. You wouldn’t want a swing with a moving body. Also, check for the cradle seat because it needs to be well padded to make sure our babies are sitting or sleeping in a cozy and comfortable swing.

Final Thoughts

There are no right or wrong choices that can be defined by the book when it comes to choosing the best baby swing for colic. It will always vary depending on your baby’s needs, comfort, and convenience as well as yours. You have to thoroughly balance everything to make sure that the price meets value. You wouldn’t want to pay for something that would quickly go to waste, so do some research, read more reviews, learn more about the product, and see what you should be looking for.

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