5 Baby Breathing Monitors

It is natural for parents to become anxious about their baby’s health, even if it means fretting about their breathing pattern. By placing a breathing monitor near your baby, you get assured that the little one is breathing normally.

Baby breathing monitors are simply electronic gadgets that keep an ‘eye’ on your child’s breathing patterns, movements and alarm you when they change. This means you can go on with your chores and still have an eye on your child.

Many a time, these best baby breathing monitors come in highly recommended for babies who had an apparent life-threatening breathing event, babies who were born prematurely, or for babies who have had a rare medical condition; these gadgets are real lifesavers. However, before you get into buying a baby breathing monitor, it is best to understand a couple of things.

Quick Tips:

  • Always go for a monitor that will not give you false alarms.
  • A monitor that has high sensitivity in terms of breathing patterns.
  • Highly consider the wave of the monitor.
  • The battery life of your device should matter to make sure that it can sustain you through the night.

How Does a Baby monitor work?

A baby monitor is an effective device that works by monitoring your baby’s breathing and heart rates. It comes with a baby unit and a nursery unit. The baby unit is usually placed in your baby’s room or crib, and it usually has sensors that detect your baby’s movements and breathing.

When the gadget detects a low breathing rate or weak movements, it will send alerts to the parent unit so that you can respond accordingly. Different monitors have different notification alarms. Some sound an alarm, while others have light indicators or both. Other models also have visual displays.

Best Baby Breathing Monitor

We’ve put together this guide to help all you worried and sleepless moms find the best baby breathing monitors to suit their needs.


Sense-U Baby Monitor

Sense-U Baby Monitor

This monitor works in conjunction with your smartphone to monitor your baby’s breathing while sleeping. It includes an alarm for both lack of breath and rapid breathing. It will also notify you if/when your baby rolls onto his or her stomach.

In addition to breathing and rolling, it will also monitor the temperature of the room and the humidity levels. This bonus feature will help you make sure your baby is not getting too cold or too hot. The easy clip-on unit can get attached to sleepwear, onesies, or even the sleep bag. The signal gets to your smartphone via Bluetooth. The corresponding app you need for tracking is free for Android and iOS.


  • The Sense-U Baby detects the slightest breathing movement of your baby’s abdomen and alerts you for weak breathing movement. If the weak abdominal movement gets detected within a preset Activation Period (15sec – 35sec), a sharp audible alarm will sound from your smartphone.
  • Monitors breathing, rolling, and room temperature.
  • Easy to connect via Bluetooth.
  • Free tracking app.
  • Easy to clip-on and use.

  • The range of 50 feet may not be suitable for those in large living spaces.
  • Some parents reported false alarms.



Snuza Hero (SE) Premium Baby Movement Monitor

Snuza Hero (SE) Premium Baby Movement Monitor

Snuza hero baby monitor is one of the most advanced monitors and is partially self-sufficient. It gets attached to the baby’s diaper, and it monitors your baby’s abdominal movements. It detects movement per minute to detect the strength of the abdominal movement, and if your baby has less than eight movements per minute, it will cause alarm.

However, having in mind that a whole minute is a whole lot of time to wait and respond, it will monitor movement for 15 seconds, and if there is no movement within this time, it will vibrate, and most of the time, this is all it takes to rouse your baby to normal abdominal movement, COOL, RIGHT!!! The monitor will then go back to monitoring, and if this happens another two times, it will trigger an alarm that is very loud and audible.


  • It is portable, which means that you can comfortably use it even as you travel.
  • It helps in monitoring when your baby changes position.
  • It has an audible alarm system that you cannot simply ignore.
  • Thanks to its vibration feature, it highly avoids false alarms since it has a mechanism to cope with emergencies.
  • It has a battery life of 2000 hours which assures you of continued protection, and this maximizes its use.
  • Has a sturdy construction
  • Quite portable
  • Can get clipped on your infant’s diaper
  • Great battery life
  • Alerts you in case of baby’s weak movements

  • The alarm could go off when there’s no problem



Angelcare 3-in-1 AC327 Baby Monitor

Angelcare 3-in-1 AC327 Baby Monitor

It has a full-color digital screen that is easy to read during both the day and the night. The display clearly shows the room temperature of the room and the sound lights as well.

This monitor is well portable, and on top of that, it is rechargeable; how cool is that right!!! You can carry the parental control unit with you from room to room, and this will guarantee you peace of mind. It also has a nursery light which is a little glow that will guide you even when you get into the baby’s room at night. It has a really good range of 820 feet in the open and 328 feet while indoors.

It has a battery life of 4 hours which is well sufficient in between your routines. It relieves the parent of worry when the child is asleep. One of the best features of the angel care baby monitor is that it also checks on the room temperature. You will be able to tell when it too hots for your child or when cold strikes.


  • It has a two-way talkback and motion sensor pad on it as well. It has a really good range which gives you enough room to work without having to worry about your child every second.
  • It has a really good alarm-audio system.
  • It’s portable, and this means you don’t have to worry even when traveling.
  • The monitor has an instant response system in case of no movement in 20 seconds.
  • The monitor is easy to read
  • Includes adjustable settings
  • Very portable
  • Features a nightlight
  • Comes with a two-way talkback feature

  • Relatively loud noise on the parent unit



Babysense Under-The-Mattress Baby Movement Monitor

Babysense Under-The-Mattress Baby Movement Monitor

The baby sense monitor is a highly sensitive device that monitors and detects even the slightest of movements through the mattress. They have two extremely sensitive pads that detect every movement from the baby, both motion and breathing patterns.

The engineers behind this have made sure that despite the size of the mattress, you can still have accurate reports from the assessment of your baby’s movements. The Babysense sound alarm got designed in such a way that it is set off once no movement gets detected within 20 seconds and will also alert you of a weak breathing rate once the movement goes down to 10 micro-movements per minute.


  • It requires no batteries.
  • Has no direct contact with your baby hence avoids any electric hazard, chord chocking, or even skin complications.
  • It raises the alarm prior and monitors the movement of your baby as well.
  • It has an extensive wavelength, and this allows you to work without worrying.
  • This monitor detects your baby’s slightest movements
  • Excellent range
  • Includes two sensor pads for optimal coverage
  • Easy to activate

  • Disappointing customer service



Miku Smart Baby Monitor

Miku Smart Baby Monitor

Integrating parenting, work and technology is the dream of this baby monitor. They have a vision not only to see a gadget but also the feeling of peace of mind. They give this to all parents through their baby monitoring device that has a camera that gets used to transmit lots of information concerning your baby and also aims at keeping daily records.

They also have a mobile app that can get integrated with the device, and this will help you monitor the info and even share it with the other end of the world. With this kind of info, you can be well prepared in case of medical attention. The monitor has infrared technology that makes sure that you don’t go blind on your baby once it’s dark. It has high definition storage as well to capture some great moments.


  • It monitors breathing, temperature, humidity sound, and motion.
  • It has infrared to maintain continuous monitoring even in the dark.
  • It comes with great memory storage to keep a record.
  • Allows you to share your baby’s information.
  • It has mobile aces, which makes it even easier to use.
  • Compatible with your smartphone
  • Has a tamper-proof Crypto Chip that keeps your data secure
  • Includes lullaby tunes
  • Has a good sound and video quality

  • Falls on the higher price range
  • Some users claim that there’s poor customer support


Factors to Consider Before Buying Baby Breathing Monitor

Baby breathing monitoring devices are aplenty, but good breathing monitors are relatively less. So, when buying a breathing monitor, you may consider the following essential features of the device.

Audio quality

The main purpose of getting a breathing baby monitor is so that you can know the condition of your baby at all times. Consequently, you need to get a device that has excellent audio quality to let you hear your baby’s sounds effectively. Monitors that have two-way communication need to have excellent audio so that your baby can hear you as you soothe him or her. Besides, it’s wise to go for a device whose audio signal has minimal interference.

The range

The range on your baby monitor is also vital because it dictates how far you can go from your baby without losing the signal. When you venture into the market to get a baby monitor, you have to consider the size of your home and where you intend to be using the device.

Battery life

Another aspect that you should not ignore before making your baby monitor purchase is its battery life. A majority of baby monitors today come with rechargeable batteries, meaning you can plug the device into an electrical outlet when the battery level goes low.

The sensors

Baby monitors come fitted with sensors, which detect your baby’s movements and breathing. They help to alert you when there is an irregularity. However, some models come with extra sensors to ensure that your baby is sleeping in the appropriate conditions.

Final Thoughts

A baby breathing monitor may help you keep a tab on your baby, but it cannot do wonders. The device is only a parental aid. If you sense something wrong with your baby’s breathing patterns or have more questions about the device, then do not hesitate to speak to your baby’s pediatrician.

I hope this article is helpful for you in selecting a Baby Breathing Monitor. If this article on Baby Breathing Monitor is useful for you, then kindly share it with your friends and family. If you have any questions, then kindly comment down below.

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